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Tocopherol: How vitamin E benefits your skin

We encounter vitamin E or tocopherol in almost all natural cosmetic face creams and body oils. It takes on important functions in the product. More importantly, it nourishes and protects your skin from premature aging. Let's take a look at how exactly tocopherol does this.

Tocopherol: This is how vitamin E benefits your skin | Five Skincare

Vitamin “E” like eternal youth?

Vitamins aren't just in smoothies. The power packs are also used in skin care, especially vitamins A, C and E. Each of them has a specific area of ​​application. Vitamin A is often used for mature skin and acne. Vitamin C ensures a fresh glow thanks to its brightening effect on pigment spots. And vitamin E is a real all-rounder . It protects against cell damage, improves skin moisture and promotes regeneration. Tocopherol is really good for every skin type. We'll explain here what it can do and how you can care for your skin with it.

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Where vitamin E is found

Vitamin E occurs naturally, for example, in nuts, seeds and vegetable oils. There it protects the sensitive fatty acids from damage caused by oxygen and light. It is a very effective antioxidant . These saviors are extremely important for the oil itself and for your skin. They prevent oils from going rancid. And they slow down skin aging. Because oxidation also causes problems for your skin.

☝️ As a natural component of many vegetable oils, vitamin E is contained in most natural cosmetics without being specifically declared. If it appears separately in the INCI list, there is a lot of it in it.

Tocopherol – where does the name come from?

When vitamin E is added to a product, it is declared as tocopherol . But why actually? Behind the term vitamin E is a whole group of radical scavengers called tocopherols and tocotrienols. The INCI designation comes from them. This vitamin is sometimes also given as α-tocopherol. This is a particularly potent member of this group of substances.

Vitamin E has a dual function in cosmetics

There are two reasons why manufacturers add a little more tocopherol. By the way, we at FIVE do that too.

  1. Vitamin E makes the product durable . It goes without saying that only natural preservation methods are used for natural cosmetics. Vitamin E is one of them. It prevents oils from going rancid. This is important so that you can use your good cream or care oil for a long time.
  2. Vitamin E also “preserves” your skin . Tocopherol is one of the few substances that actually has a major effect on skin aging. We owe this primarily to its antioxidant effect.

The 5-fold effect of vitamin E

1. Tocopherol has an antioxidant effect

Free radicals are created when you are exposed to UV light, when you are stressed, when you drink alcohol, eat unhealthy foods or smoke. Oxidative stress can also get out of hand during exercise. So actually you are constantly exposed to it. When free radicals attack healthy cells, it accelerates skin aging . You can counteract this with skin care that is full of antioxidants. They render the free radicals harmless. This means that these everyday influences can have less of an impact on your skin.

2. Vitamin E promotes cell division

The surface of the skin is constantly changing. Old cells are shed and fresh ones reach the surface. When this process slows down, the skin literally starts to look old. Not with tocopherol! It promotes the formation of fresh skin cells . This ensures that the surface remains smooth and fresh.

3. More tension

For a youthful appearance, not only the surface but also the supporting structure of the skin is interesting. Proteins such as collagen, keratin and elastin plump them up and keep them elastic. Vitamin E stabilizes these important proteins in the skin. This prevents deep wrinkles and sagging contours.

4. Better skin hydration

A healthy water balance makes the skin look plump and fresh. We've already covered how the skin retains water. Vitamin E supports you in this. It helps to bind water in the stratum corneum , i.e. where it escapes particularly easily. Tocopherol improves skin moisture and makes it look nice and plump.

5. Vitamin E reduces inflammation

Inflammation is basically part of the immune response. This helps the skin eliminate unwanted germs. Unfortunately, inflammation quickly gets out of hand and then it becomes uncomfortable. Redness, feelings of tension or painful areas of the skin often occur with impure and damaged skin. Vitamin E helps by strengthening the skin barrier. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect . This means that the unpleasant symptoms subside more quickly and the skin can heal.

Vitamin E is so good for your skin

The combination of these five effects is simply brilliant for the skin. As promised, tocopherol is a real all-rounder for beauty.

  • Tocopherol slows down skin aging . It counteracts wrinkles, increasing pigmentation and age spots. This means the skin looks smooth and rosy for longer.
    🦜 The early bird remains radiantly beautiful: It's never too early to incorporate tocopherol into your skin care routine.
  • Inflammations, pimples and cracks subside more quickly thanks to improved wound healing. Vitamin E also reduces the formation of scars and pimple marks in acne.
  • Tocopherol helps structurally damaged skin repair its protective barrier. Dryness and irritation are relieved.
  • During pregnancy, vitamin E prevents stretch marks. It keeps the skin elastic. This way she grows better with her stomach.

How do you get enough vitamin E?

Ideally, you get vitamins through a balanced diet. From the inside, vitamin E contributes to healthy cell division and promotes blood circulation. This means nutrients are distributed more thoroughly into the skin. However, tocopherol is not available in large quantities through food. Most of the time you just cover the needs for healthy body function. For a slow aging effect it has to be more. Now please don't swallow tons of nutritional supplements! It is much better to use tocopherol specifically , i.e. directly on the skin.

☝️ The perfect addition to skin care : A delicious muesli with nuts offers the ideal basis for a balanced supply of vitamin E from within in the morning.

How important is the dosage of vitamin E?

If you use a cream or serum with vitamin E, you don't have to apply it super thickly. It is simply important that you make vitamin E available directly where it is needed. And using products wastefully can overwhelm the skin. What is much more important than the quantity is that your skin can absorb vitamin E well.

Tocopherol and vegetable oils – reach your goal together

Vitamin E is fat-soluble. So it is stored and transported in oils. It is important to use suitable carrier materials . For more elasticity, you want an oil that penetrates deep into the skin. Not every lipid can do that. Mineral oils only remain on the surface. This is why creams that only contain mineral oils cannot introduce vitamins into the skin. For this you need natural oils . The body can utilize these and therefore allows them to pass. Sea buckthorn pulp oil , for example, transports the tocopherol into the skin.

When does tocopherol belong in your skin care routine?

It's never too early. Vitamin E helps your skin protect and regenerate. And this is always necessary, not just when signs of skin aging become visible. Then only time travel helps. But until the technology is ready, we have to be content with prevention. The earlier you start, the better it works. In addition, the natural ingredient is suitable for absolutely every skin type.

Even before the first wrinkles become visible, the skin gives off warning signals. Is it already dry, less elastic or are wounds healing poorly? Such signs can already indicate slow cell regeneration . Now is the time to include vitamin E in your skin care routine. Facial oils or creams with vegetable oils are best suited for this. This allows the skin to optimally absorb the beauty vitamin and let it work in depth.

May we stay fresh and crisp for a long time!
Your Anna

🌟 By the way: All oil-containing FIVE products contain an extra portion of vitamin E for youthful skin.

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