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Deodorant without perfume

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without aluminum and silver
without alcohol
without perfume/scents

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The deodorant without perfume provides invisible protection for the whole day. The cream does not stick to the skin and is immediately dry after application. Baking soda is effective against odor but does not stop perspiration.

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The solution for
→ Odor-free sweating without restricting perspiration

odorless deodorant without perfume

✓ Leaves no sticky or greasy feeling
✓ No exposure time: deodorant on, t-shirt on
✓ Ideal for pregnancy & breastfeeding
✓ Very economical with around 250 applications

Closed at least 1 year, open 6 months

  • mango butter (organic)
  • Tapioca starch (organic)
  • coconut oil (organic)
  • baking soda

Ingredients INCI

On the left you will find the ingredients as we know them colloquially and on the right according to the INCI, the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients.

ingredient INCI
mango butter (organic) Mangifera Indica Seed Butter
Tapioca starch (organic) Tapioca Starch
coconut oil (organic) Cocos Nucifera Oil
baking soda sodium bicarbonate

Deodorant without fragrances: the ingredients in detail

1. Mango Butter
Quality: organic, refined
Mango butter is the key ingredient in our perfume-free deodorant. It is almost odorless, feels light on the skin and ensures the wonderfully pleasant creaminess of the perfume-free deodorant cream. Mango butter is obtained from the fruit kernels and used almost exclusively in a refined way, including ours. This removes free fatty acids, which can occur in large quantities as a breakdown product during the manufacture of butter and would not be good for the skin.

2. Tapioca Starch
Quality: organic
Tapioca is made from the cassava root. Thanks to its absorbent effect, the powder ensures that the cream feels neither greasy nor sticky on the skin.

3. Coconut Oil
Quality: organic, refined

Coconut oil has a high proportion of lauric acid. This has an antimicrobial effect and fights the smell of sweat. Coconut oil is a light care oil and, in addition to its odor-inhibiting properties, ensures that the deodorant is easy to distribute. We have chosen unscented and therefore refined coconut oil.

4. Baking soda
The alkaline pH of baking soda inhibits the development of odor-causing bacteria and ensures that sweat doesn't smell like sweat. So the deodorant with baking soda works before the smell develops, or does not let it develop in the first place.

Get the most out of your deodorant

Our deodorant is odorless and does not mask any existing body or clothing odors. Therefore, the deodorant should always be applied to the skin that has just been washed. Use a clean finger to take a pea-sized amount from the jar and rub the deodorant over a large area but very thinly under your armpits. However, only use a pea-sized amount. Too much deodorant does not increase the effect and can lead to irritation. The deodorant is immediately dry, you can get dressed immediately after application.

If you want to switch from a classic aluminum deodorant to our fragrance-free deodorant, we recommend our tips for a stress-free deodorant changeover .

Why is the deodorant fragrance-free?

Our first deodorant should be as puristic as possible. The idea was to create an effective deodorant without perfume that feels like you're wearing nothing on your skin: invisible, imperceptible and odorless. So you can face the challenges of the day without being constantly reminded of your deodorant. Of course we also asked you and the majority of you spoke out in favor of a fragrance-free deodorant.

Do I sweat less with this deodorant?

Sweating is not reduced by this deodorant. Good to know: A deodorant prevents odor-causing bacteria from growing, but does not restrict sweating. An antiperspirant, on the other hand, closes the pores with aluminum salts so that less or no sweat can escape. In our deodorant guide, you can find out more about the differences between deodorants and antiperspirants and how you can make the transition as stinky as possible.

Can I use the deodorant without perfume during pregnancy?

Congratulations! Yes, you can use the deodorant during pregnancy and breastfeeding, very well indeed. The deodorant is free of fragrances, alcohol and aluminum and generally does not contain any ingredients that would be questionable during pregnancy and breastfeeding. And it's also pleasant for your baby, as it only smells its mum and no deodorant when breastfeeding.

Is the deodorant suitable for children?

As our children grow into adults, it suddenly strikes us that the most fragrant beings on the planet - let's call it that - are beginning to stink of sweat. Now the task is to find out together with the child which deodorant or antiperspirant works best. Our deodorant without perfume is suitable for children who prefer a deodorant that is as subtle as possible and do not want a scent of gummy bears. If your child doesn't mind taking the deodorant out of the jar with your finger and you are looking for a deodorant that is as natural as possible for your child without aluminium, alcohol or fragrances, then FIVE deodorant cream is the right choice for you.

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Because we dogmatically limit ourselves to a maximum of 5 ingredients per product, only the best make it into our top 5. Logically, parabens, microplastics, silicones & Co. have no place here. With products from FIVE you set a counter trend to the usual 100-ingredients-a-day beauty routine and allow your skin to breathe easy. In this way, she learns to find her own balance again. learn more .

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14 Rezensionen
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Das beste Deo ever!


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Creme als Deo? Was ist das?

Das ist das beste Deo was ich jemals hatte.

5 Sterne sind fast schon zu wenig.

Ein Deo ohne Geruch? Na und? Dafür kommt mein Parfüm besser zur Geltung und wird nicht mit Zitrusduft oder anderen Düften vom Deo vermischt.

Ein kleiner Klecks auf die trockene Haut unter die Armen und schon kann der Tag beginnen.

Spät Abends - es gibt keinen Schweißgeruch. Einfach toll!!!

Jetzt muss ich natürlich mein neues Deo mit meinem Mann teilen. Der möchte auch die Vorteile meines Deos genießen.

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Sehr angenehm!

Meine Achseln sind sehr empfindlich und ich reagiere mit Rötungen auf ein zu Viel an Inhaltsstoffen,vor allem Alkohol oder ätherische Öle.Daher bin ich mal wieder sehr dankbar für die neue Deocreme von Five.

Sie braucht nur so wenig Inhaltsstoffe und wirkt doch so gut.Sie riecht auch ohne Parfum angenehm,zieht sofort ein und ist weder ölig noch feucht auf der Haut.Sprays oder Roller sind oft zu flüssig und machen alles nur nass anstatt zu wirken.

Vielen Dank dafür,es zeigt wieder einmal,dass weniger mehr ist:-)

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super aber etwas zu fest

Update zur letzten Rezension:

Ich benutze sie nun ein paar Tage direkt nach dem Auftragen der Shea Creme, daher sind die Achseln nicht so trocken. Ich schwitze weniger und es ist geruchsneutral, daher kann ich sie wämstens empfehlen

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Rezensiert durch Gabi
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mir ist sie zu fest

Geschwitzt habe ich dennoch etwas und das trockene Gefühl war dennoch da. Da ich sie bisher nur einmal genutzt habe, nehme ich an dass das trockene Gefühl noch Nachwirkungen von Rexona sind.

Mir ist sie nur zu fest. Ich würde die Creme mir etwas cremiger wünschen, wie die Shea creme, die ist nicht zu fest aber so dass man sie leicht auf die Finger bekommt, die Deocreme ist leider da zu fest.

Wird geladen …
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