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Care routine for dry skin

If you have fine-pored skin that is constantly tight and prone to wrinkles, it is probably too dry. It mainly lacks lipids, but also moisture. With the right facial care from FIVE and our additional nutritional tips, we would like to give you the tools to properly care for your dry skin.

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This is how you recognize dry skin

You have …

  • Fine-pored skin, the pores are barely visible.
  • permanent feelings of tension on the skin.
  • fine creases.
  • at most tiny dry skin flakes.

Note the difference: If your skin feels dry but is still oily, then you don't have dry skin, but dehydrated skin .

What are the causes of dry skin?

Dry skin is often caused by genetics , but it can also be caused by external environmental influences , such as harsh weather, aggressive care products or stress. In addition, the older we get, the drier our skin becomes. If you tend to have dry skin, then it produces too few lipids (fats), which form an important protective barrier and protect your skin from moisture loss.

The good news: With the right care , you can permanently alleviate the symptoms of dry skin! FIVE offers you the right products, especially for your needs: Our natural facial care provides your skin with nourishing fats from native plant oils , which sustainably remedy the acute lipid deficiency, strengthen your skin barrier and prevent the water stored in the skin from evaporating too quickly.

We recommend our light FIVE Facial Oil Regenration as oil care: It contains highly effective sea buckthorn pulp oil and lavender oil, which naturally stimulate cell renewal and regeneration of the skin.

However, lipid care alone is not enough, so you should combine your facial oil with our moisturizing FIVE facial serum so that your dry skin is optimally cared for day after day.

At FIVE we rely on pure ingredients and avoid any frills. We use a maximum of 5 natural ingredients in each of our care products. We rely 100% on nature-based ingredients and develop highly effective natural cosmetics that care for your skin particularly gently.

Dry skin

Your morning routine

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Wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water and gently pat it dry with a towel. Attention: Drying cleaning products are taboo for dry skin!

FIVE Gesichtsserum & FIVE Gesichtsöl Regeneration

Care in summer

In summer, use our moisturizing facial serum and mix it with our nourishing facial oil Regenerating in the palm of your hand. Please don't forget to also apply sunscreen.

FIVE Gesichtsserum & FIVE Shea Cream | Five Skincare

Care in winter

In winter you also use our moisturizing facial serum , but mix it with our richer Shea Cream , which offers your skin more protection in the cold season.

Dry skin

Your evening routine

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Did you wear makeup or sunscreen during the day? Then use our mild make-up remover to cleanse your face. On other days, it is enough to wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Five Gesichtsserum | Five Skincare


Your skin regenerates overnight. You shouldn't wean her off this mechanism by using a rich night cream! You gave her a little care when cleaning. Now care for your skin with our light and oil-free facial serum . If you need a little more care, add a drop of facial oil.

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Additional care

We recommend that you apply a mask with clay once a week: This gently cleanses your skin and supplies it with minerals. Use white (kaolin) or pink clay, which you can find in the pharmacy or health food store.

Everyday tips for dry skin

In addition to proper care, there are a few things you can do in your daily life to prevent dry skin on your face and body:

  • Only use lukewarm water for your face and body, as hot water dries out your skin.
  • Use a natural cosmetic shower gel . The surfactants it contains are milder and dry out the skin less. Use little product and only soap the sensitive areas of your body, because your stomach doesn't need a daily foam party.
  • Apply a body oil to damp skin immediately after showering. Sesame oil is ideal for this because of its high linoleic acid content.
  • Find ways to lower your stress level , because psychological stress can be a trigger for dry skin.
  • Get a humidifier if the air in your home is too dry or you live in a dry area.
  • Don't heat your bedroom too much, because dry heated air is poisonous for your skin.

Nutrition is essential for skin health and the cornerstone of your skin care routine. Make sure you have a varied diet consisting of colorful and green vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds and plenty of cold-pressed vegetable oils. This way you ensure that you get valuable fatty acids from your diet, which support the development of the skin barrier and can reduce dry skin. We have summarized some nutritional tips especially for dry skin for you here:

  • Make sure you get enough omega-3 fatty acids . They are super important for healthy skin, but are in short supply in our western diet. Especially as a vegan, it is worth using a high-quality linseed oil enriched with DHA and EPA (from algae).
  • You can incorporate nuts and seeds into your diet every day. They provide you with polyunsaturated fatty acids and important trace elements, such as zinc , an important micronutrient for dry skin.
  • Drink enough water or unsweetened herbal teas, especially before and after exercise and in hot temperatures. Tip: Start the day straight away with a large glass of water and get a large drinking bottle for everyday use that you can always refill.