Welcome to the press page of FIVE! Here you will find information about the brand and images for download

Welcome to the press page of FIVE! Here you will find information about the brand and images for download

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Are you looking for five good reasons for a story about FIVE and would you like to speak to Anna today? Then I have good news for you: just give me a call and we'll make it happen.

Anna Pfeiffer
Founder and CEO
+41 79 718 60 83

Your story about FIVE

Are you looking for five good reasons for a story about FIVE and would you like to speak to Anna today? Then I have good news for you: For questions and images just call me and we will make it possible.

Anna Pfeiffer
Founder and CEO
+41 79 718 60 83

Gimme Five!

FIVE produces vegan natural cosmetics with a maximum of five ingredients per product. The Zurich beauty label was founded in 2017 by Anna Pfeiffer, who finally wanted to create a care line with "zero bullshit" but full of transparency and maximum naturalness. True to the motto, identify the essential ingredients and eliminate the rest, FIVE dispenses with any unnecessary ingredients.

The product range is vegan and based on natural ingredients. We pay attention to organic quality wherever possible. Of course, we do not use any synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives, parabens and silicones.

story and values

→ Learn more about our story and how we contribute to a more sustainable beauty industry with our values.

→ Are you looking for clues to write about? Then take a look at the 5 reasons for FIVE .

At a glance

Our company

In September 2017, successful participation in the German TV show "Die Höhle der Löwen", at the same time the official launch of the FIVE brand in DACH.

From beautiful Zurich in Switzerland and 100% independent and owned by the founding team Anna Pfeiffer and Felix Hofmann

Manufacturing & Distribution

The products are manufactured in small batches by our partners in Germany and Switzerland.

We sell our products exclusively online (D2C) to our buyers in Switzerland and all EU countries via fiveskincare.ch and fiveskincare.de

Our products

Our natural cosmetics are nature-based, consist of a maximum of 5 ingredients per product and are registered with the Vegan Society.

The products are packed in glass without outer packaging and are 100% climate-neutral. In Switzerland, the shipment can be made in a reusable box on request

Downloads: Pictures & product details

Cut-outs, moods, portraits, logo

Details of each product

To quote

“Care products usually consist of more than 20 ingredients. Impossible to keep track of this jungle of ingredients. Our natural cosmetics provide a remedy and so the name at FIVE says it all: We reduce to the maximum and rely on five selected raw materials per product, which we print large on our flacons. Our buyers always know exactly what is going on their skin.”

Anna Pfeiffer, founder of FIVE

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