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Du suchst nach einer Körperpflege, die deine Haut nährt, ohne dass du dir Sorgen über die Inhaltsstoffe machen musst? Bei FIVE wirst du fündig. Unsere Pflegeprodukte bestehen aus maximal 5 ausgesuchten Inhaltsstoffen und pflegen deine Haut mit natürlichen und veganen Ingredienzien, damit du dir beim Eincremen keine Gedanken machen musst.

FIVE Shea Cream: Creme mit Sheabutter für sehr trockene Haut | Five SkincareFIVE Shea Cream: Sheabutter-Creme für trockene Haut | Five Skincare

FIVE Shea Cream

Rich balm for dry skin

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Geruchsneutrales Deo | Five SkincareDeo ohne Parfum | Five Skincare

FIVE Deocreme

Natürliches Deo ohne Parfum

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Natural body care from Five Skincare

Puristic skin care for the balance of your skin

We create our natural products with exquisite and optimally coordinated ingredients, always with the aim of supporting your skin in its natural balance. To do this, we dogmatically limit ourselves to 5 ingredients per care product, because less is actually more in skin care.

FIVE body care products are based on shea butter, vegetable oils and vegetable water. Cold pressed and organic whenever possible.

Of course, the products are vegan and do not contain parabens, microplastics, mineral oils and the like, so that you can concentrate on applying lotion to your legs and do not have to worry about the ingredients in your body care products .

Natuerliche Koerperpflege Five Skincare
Vegane Koerperpflege trockene Haut Five Skincare

Nourishing self-care ritual with FIVE Shea Cream

Our FIVE Shea Cream is a true all-round talent and is not only suitable for dry skin on the face, but also cares for dry skin on the body or rough skin on hands and feet. The firm consistency melts on skin contact and provides intensive nourishment with shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin E and essential neroli oil.

The creaming of the body can be wonderfully combined with time for yourself. Enjoy your self-care ritual and enjoy the softly melting texture that nourishes, protects and cares for your skin with five selected ingredients.

The FIVE Shea Cream consists of 100% natural and vegan ingredients and is 99.8% organic. Always apply rich body butter to damp skin.

frequently asked Questions

Daily application of lotion is not absolutely necessary. Pay attention to what your skin is telling you because it is constantly communicating with us. Does it tighten and is it dry? Then apply a high-quality vegetable oil daily to the still damp skin immediately after the shower and use a balm like our for very dry or rough skin areas >FIVE Shea Cream.

However, make sure beforehand to clean your skin with lukewarm and not hot water and use shower gels with mild sugar or coconut surfactants, preferably from natural cosmetics. They dry out your skin less.

By the way, you don't need to soap your legs in the shower every day, it's enough to wash the sensitive parts of your body with shower gel.

If the skin on the body is very dry, it usually takes more than good body care to improve the skin's condition. Externally, a rich balm such as FIVE Shea Cream helps for very dry skin areas and a nourishing vegetable oil for the whole body, applied to damp skin.

The care of the skin from the inside is also important. You should make sure you have a good supply of Omega-3, this not only applies to vegans. Check your drinking behavior, especially in winter. Are you drinking enough water or unsweetened tea?

Smoking, alcohol and stress also have a severely dehydrating effect. Feel free to visit our blog, we have written many articles about dry skin.

Depends on what you prefer to feel on your skin. Do you like a light skin feel and a non-sticky texture? Then you will probably be happiest with a body lotion. It contains a high water content and absorbs quickly. Especially good if you are in a hurry in the morning.

If you like turning creaming into a beauty ritual and prefer a nourishing and gently melting texture, then you belong to the body butter group. It contains less water, but more nourishing vegetable oils, shea butter or cocoa butter.

Go one step further waterless body butter, i.e. balms like our FIVE Shea Cream, or body butter in solid form. Your advantage lies in the water-free formulation. These products do not require preservatives or emulsifiers. Waterless toiletries are the most sustainable as they are highly concentrated and require less packaging. They are particularly suitable for you if you have very dry or rough skin on your body and are looking for a rich body care product.

Body care is much more than washing and creaming the skin. It starts with the food you eat, the exercise you do to stimulate blood flow to the skin and ends with the products that come into contact with your skin.

We love natural and vegan care products made from high-quality vegetable oils that provide your skin with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. We look at body care holistically and empower you to immerse yourself in the connections between skin, nutrition and care on our blog.