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Strong against odors and made from 100% natural raw materials, that's what makes our deodorant cream so special. In the FIVE manner, we rely on a minimal number of ingredients, but with maximum effect. Our cream deodorant uses baking soda to neutralize odors before they can even develop.

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FIVE Deodorant Cream

Natural deodorant without perfume

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Natural protection with the FIVE deodorant cream

Deocreme mit wenig Inhaltsstoffen | Five Skincare

Minimal ingredients, maximum effect

At FIVE we use a maximum of five ingredients for our natural cosmetics. We want to create care products that promote the balance of your skin and care for it, but do not overload it. With our first deodorant, the FIVE Deocreme , we outdid ourselves and developed a product with only four ingredients that care for your skin and at the same time protect against odor build-up.

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This is how the deodorant cream with baking soda works

The key ingredient in our deodorant cream is baking soda. This substance has amazing abilities. You can use it to bake delicious muffins, take it against heartburn or use it as an active ingredient in your cream deodorant. Baking soda is alkaline, and the bacteria that break down sweat and produce that unpleasant odor don't like that at all.

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frequently asked Questions

Natural deodorant creams with baking soda provide very reliable protection against the smell of sweat, because baking soda or similar active ingredients prevent the colonization of odour-causing bacteria. However, you should not expect a sweat-inhibiting effect from a natural deodorant, it is not an antiperspirant. Although there are natural cosmetic deodorants that contain tanning agents and whose astringent effect briefly contracts the pores, the effect has so far been rather small. Sweat production can only be properly contained or even stopped with aluminum salts, such as those used in classic antiperspirants. In our deodorant guide you will find tips for switching to deodorant cream .

If you were previously used to deodorant roll-ons or deodorant sprays, it may seem a bit strange at first to take the cream out of the jar with your finger and spread it under your armpits. After a short adjustment, it feels completely normal. During development, we made sure that the product leaves no residue on your fingers. Washing your hands again after application is therefore unnecessary.

There are now some good natural deodorants on the market. The most important ingredient of an effective cream deodorant is undoubtedly baking soda and can be recognized at the INCI as sodium bicarbonate. All other ingredients are secondary, but should not pollute the environment or your body. We therefore refrain from using silver, as it is used in many natural cosmetic deodorants, as it is a biocide that damages the environment and should only be used in a very targeted manner. Ideally, the ideal cream deodorant is unscented or contains only a small amount of perfume in the form of natural essential oils, which, in addition to the fragrance, also have an antimicrobial function. The best deodorant is the one that accompanies you invisibly but reliably throughout the day.

Sprays are easy to use and work better than creams for long armpit hair. In all other areas, however, the cream performs better. There is no spray mist as with sprays. This eliminates the typical "deodorant mist" in the bathroom and the risk of inhaling aerosols. The packaging is smaller and generally easier to recycle. The creams are also very economical, a 50 gram jar is enough for about four to five months.