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Deine Lieben legen Wert auf Nachhaltigkeit? Mit einem Beauty Geschenk von FIVE machst du ihnen bestimmt eine riesengroße Freude. Nicht nur hübschen die stylischen blauen Glasflaschen jedes Badezimmer auf, auch der Inhalt kann sich sehen lassen: Bei FIVE schaffen es nur die fünf besten natürlichen und veganen Inhaltsstoffe ins Glas.

FIVE Geschenkgutschein | Five Skincare

FIVE Gift Voucher

Digital beauty gift

From 20,00 €

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Beauty Set für trockene Haut im Winter – Five Skincare

FIVE Anti-Cold Winter Set

Beauty set for dry skin in winter

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Based on 12 reviews
49,80 €

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Veganes Naturkosmetik Geschenk für Weihnachten – Five Skincare

FIVE Christmas Set

Our bestsellers in a gift set

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Perfect gifts: cosmetics from Five Skincare

Our beauty gifts – cosmetics for the spa moment

With a cosmetic gift from FIVE, you are choosing high-quality natural cosmetic products made from purely vegan ingredients that not only care for your skin, but also caress your soul. Our products come in stylish blue glass and look good in any bathroom.

In addition, they are produced in Switzerland and Germany and are 100% climate-neutral. We are convinced that less is more and that is why we use maximum five for every product that are optimally coordinated with each other. So you always know exactly what is in your gift. Buy your cosmetic gift right here online.

Beauty Geschenke Kosmetik Five Skincare
Beauty Geschenk Weihnachten Five Skincare

The perfect beauty gift for every occasion

You've been invited to a birthday party tonight and want to quickly buy the perfect beauty gift? Then our digital gift voucher will surely come in handy. You can send the voucher digitally right away or print it out, just as it suits your occasion today.

Are you looking for a cosmetic gift for a loved one for Christmas? Our Christmas set with our both bestsellers in the pretty packaging provides everything your face needs for winter care. The FIVE facial serum optimally moisturizes the skin. The FIVE Shea Cream protects against wind and weather and is the ideal cold balm for every skin type.

frequently asked Questions

Almost everyone can be happy about cosmetics gifts, because well selected they bring additional joy with the cleaning and caring effect. Are you looking for a beauty gift for a friend who loves sustainable products? Then look around for natural cosmetics gifts. When it comes to gifts for vegetarians and vegans, you should also make sure they have a vegan certification.

Are you looking for a gift for someone who likes things cozy? Then give cosmetics that pamper the senses and transform your home into a small home spa. Complete the cosmetic product with a soothing tea blend and a beautiful candle that you choose individually. This gives your gift a personal touch and doubles the joy.

Women around 30 often have a lot of stress in life. Job, family commitments and maybe children are missing one thing: time. That's why women are happy about gifts that allow them to everyday life pause, to have a little moment all to themselves and to devote themselves to their own well-being without cell phones and commitments.

You can make her so happy with a high-quality beauty gift. Complete your gift with a personal note and give her freedom by accepting commitments. How about turning your bathroom into a home spa? light candles, put on meditation music and cook a chai tea?

First you should find out whether the person prefers conventional cosmetics or prefers things to be natural and would like to use natural cosmetics. The current products in the bathroom provide you with information. If you don't have this option, think about what the person likes to eat and how they shop. This trick will almost certainly give you the right nose.

When choosing the product, we recommend going for Basics and choosing products that are bestsellers. Experiments are not necessarily suitable for beauty gifts, because depending on the skin type you should take a closer look here. For fans of natural cosmetics, an all-rounder such as our Shea Cream, which is in great demand at Christmas time, is well suited as it protects the skin from the cold.

A set made up of two or more products that ideally complement each other is also nice, like our FIVE Christmas set with our two bestsellers.

Are you still unsure what to give? Then feel free to contact us by e-mail so that we can advise you.