Holiday beauty with little luggage: multi-use cosmetic products

Vacation. That means enjoy and experience. If there's one thing you don't need, it's standing in front of the mirror for hours. Unfortunately, all these highly specialized remedies make daily care more complicated than baking a cake. But do you really have to lug that much cosmetics with you on vacation? No, because this summer a fresh breeze is blowing the multi-use trend. With these wonder weapons you save space and time, but not maintenance!

Multi-use cosmetic products – Five Skincare

Cosmetics for the trip - packed cleverly is already half relaxed

The holiday season is just around the corner, the weather has already arrived in many places. Every morning I look out the window at the blue sky and paw my hooves so that soon the sea will glitter in my view. Anticipation is known to be the greatest joy. So it's never too early to start planning. Do you let your soul dangle in the soft sand? Are you going on a yoga vacation under the palm trees? Or do you already have the festival tickets in your pocket? No matter what you're up to, there's only one thing in the way: a giant vanity case.

But what doesn't always have to go in? Toothbrush - of course. Sun protection logo. Make-up: Eyeshadow palettes with different nuances save space. And when it comes to lipstick, delicate nude and a strong tone not only cover almost every occasion, you can also blend them into fresh rose red. Either way, the make-up usually fits comfortably in a small pouch.

But now it gets complicated. Even if travel sizes make cosmetics more compact, a lot comes together. I'll tell you what, apart from the essentials mentioned above, I used to take with me: shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and top fluid. After-sun lotion, day and night cream, cleansing milk and make-up remover for stubborn skin. 10 products that don't look exotic at all. Bet they can be reduced to 3?

Multifunctional cosmetic products - Five Skincare
Cosmetics for travel - Five Skincare

Few care products does not mean less care!

We decide on 2 of our 3 products right away: shower gel and shampoo. You can hardly do without them when packing, unless your hotel gives them to you. How number 3 replaces everything else is explained below. We want to roughly summarize the 7 other products under "Care". So let's talk briefly about what care is actually supposed to do. Of course you don't want to compromise on this point. After all, holiday photos are for eternity, more importantly: for Instagram. And don't worry, you don't have to if you pack fewer cosmetics either. But on the contrary.

Healthy skin has a superpower: regeneration. It fends off dirt, regulates its moisture balance and repairs all the minor damage that occurs every day, all by itself. Care actually means supporting the skin in its natural function. A multitude of remedies disturbs these processes rather than promoting them.

With a moisturizing serum and a face oil made from natural oils, you give your skin extra protection against environmental influences. And on holiday there are often quite unusual things - lots of sunshine, windy sea air, sea salt, chlorine water and so on. Natural lipids help to maintain moisture levels and provide the skin with nutrients that it can use well. It doesn't really need more.

Shine performance for the hair

The hair is a little different. Their surface, the cuticle, consists of dead horny scales. So regeneration is a thing of the past here. If the horny scales are roughened, the hair loses its shine, becomes straw and breaks more quickly.

Since we want to proudly show off our holiday photos, this is of course not allowed. What to do? Here, too, nature helps. Vegetable oils wrap themselves protectively around the cuticle and smooth the waves. Your hair will shine like your smile again!

My tip: better prevent than save. Because if you don't want to damage your hair in the first place, you can leave some large tubes at home. These three simple measures work wonders:

  1. Whether by the sea or pool, you should rinse your hair immediately after bathing . Cold water causes the scales to lie nice and tight and brings shine.
  2. Always clean it in the evening with a mild shampoo to remove even the last traces of salt and chlorine.
  3. Apply hair oil to lengths and ends . This prevents drying out and gives a beautiful shine all day long.

multifunctional cosmetic product Moisture Serum - Five Skincare
Moisture Serum - Five Skincare

Master class multi-tasking – the FIVE hair oil

We wanted to pack a third product in the suitcase. Now it is time. The FIVE hair oil ensures that your luggage is downright light as a feather. As you probably already know, the secret of the FIVE products is that they only contain very few - at most five - ingredients. And they are purely natural. That is why products like the hair oil are actually multi-functional and not only care for the hair, but also for the skin.

The basis is squalane, a highly concentrated oil from the olive. It smoothes, soothes and protects skin and hair. That is why the care oil takes on several roles when travelling:

  • Hair oil – applied in the morning, it coats your hair gently and without weighing it down to the tips. That way it doesn't dry out that much in the first place.
  • Facial Oil – Immediately afterwards, wet your face and gently massage in two drops of the oil. It hydrates for a long time and without irritating.
  • After-sun – phew, the sun was really hot... Apply the care oil to damp skin in the evening. You quickly feel how she calms down. Now the regeneration can begin.
  • Makeup Remover - What a party! But now the make-up is no longer needed. Since nothing removes oily make-up as well as oil, the hair oil will now help you remove make-up.
  • Conditioner - You run your fingers through your hair while you're sleepy. Hm, that's still a bit worn out from all the bathing. You spread some hair oil in it, wrapped it in a towel and off to bed. This cure repairs salt and chlorinated water damage overnight.

Do you remember my endless list? A small bottle replaces conditioner, hair treatment, top fluid, after-sun lotion, day and night cream, make-up remover and cleansing milk. The secret is the high concentration of squalane. As a result, you only need a few drops each time and you can get there for a long time with hand luggage - small 30 ml.

Just don't forget: sunscreen

Sunblock is an absolute must when going out in the sun. But which sun protection factor (SPF) do you need? That depends on your individual self-protection time. That's the amount of time you can stay in the sun without blushing. Depending on the skin type, this takes 5 to 15 minutes at southern European latitudes. The sun is stronger at midday. The same applies the closer you venture to the equator. Caution is therefore required, especially during the first few days of vacation!

The sun protection extends your self-protection time by a multiple of the SPF value, i.e. your self-protection time in minutes x 30 with SPF 30. However, applying it once is not enough. And the crowd matters too. Here you should not be stingy. Since this topic is so important, I dedicated a separate article to it. How much sun can my skin tolerate? – 7 sun protection tips . you learn more


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