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Dry hands in winter: how to keep them supple

For many, they are as safe as the Amen in church: dry hands in winter. The skin bites and itches and, to make matters worse, looks unsightly and unkempt. That's enough of that! Find out what's behind rough hands in winter and how, with a little patience and care, you can keep them nice and supple again.

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Not a happy little hand: cracked hands in winter

In addition to the beautiful facets such as the cozy holidays, winter holidays and skiing holidays, the winter months also have a downside that almost drives some of us to despair. Rough, cracked and reddened hands that seem impossible to combat and which can really ruin your enjoyment of this time of year. In addition to the aesthetic factor of unkempt-looking hands, increased suffering also plays a role when the hands hurt or even become inflamed.

We want to try to put an end to this annoying topic and literally give you tips and tricks with which you can successfully defy dry hands in winter in the future. Hands out of your pockets and let's go!

Hand on heart: Why are hands dry in winter?

In order to combat the symptom of dry hands, we should look at where this dry skin actually comes from in winter.

External influencing factors

On the one hand, there are the external stressors, especially cold and wind as well as heating air , which cause problems for the hands in winter. In addition, there are daily routines that further attack skin that is already irritated due to the factors already mentioned. These include, above all, frequent hand washing, irritating substances in cleaning and disinfectants as well as inadequate or incorrect hand care.

Internal influencing factors

As with all skin problems, external influences are joined by internal factors. This includes genetics, eating and drinking habits , and your lifestyle in general. The well-known winter blues can also take a toll on your body and have a negative effect on your skin, because it doesn't like stress , no matter what form it takes.

❄️ By the way : The problem of dry skin in winter doesn't just apply to the hands. Legs and lips are also often affected. In two further articles we have summarized for you what you can do about dry skin on your legs and chapped lips .

Skin problem: Disturbed skin barrier

Cold temperatures + excessive hand washing + dry heating air = rough hands. Yes, but let's delve a little deeper into the matter and see what exactly happens when we expose our skin to the above-mentioned stressors without any protection. The main problem is that they attack the skin's natural protective layer and make it more permeable. This leads to loss of moisture and dry hands. In addition, the skin produces less oil in winter, which acts as a protective film to prevent drying out.

Since our hands are in use every day and are exposed to a wide variety of substances, they react even more sensitively to additional stress in winter - such as cold. This particularly affects the back of the hand and the fingers, as these zones are not protected by a thick stratum corneum like the palm of the hand.

If allergy-triggering substances, bacteria or fungi also enter the skin through the cracked areas, which are nothing more than tiny wounds, eczema or inflammatory changes can occur. The aim should therefore be to keep the skin's natural protective barrier intact and strengthen it, especially in the winter months, in order to combat dry hands.

Lend a hand: What to do about rough hands in winter?

Do you want beautiful and delicate hands, even in winter? Then pay attention, because we have summarized the three most important points on the way there for you. As a rule of thumb, simply remember the three big Hs :

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Skin care
  3. Gloves

By washing your hands correctly, or rather gently, and protecting them from external influences, you can prevent moisture loss and thus dehydration. With the right care, cracked hands will soon be a thing of the past.

One hand washes the other: gentle hand washing

Let's start with the first H: washing your hands . One might think that water has a positive effect on the skin's moisture balance. But the opposite is the case. Frequent hand washing with surfactants and soaps literally flushes out the skin's own oils . The result is a weakened skin barrier and a lack of moisture.

Here's what you should pay attention to when washing your hands:

  • Use lukewarm water instead of hot or cold water
  • Buy mild, alcohol-free and fragrance-free soap
  • Opt for real, natural cosmetic hand wash lotions without alcohol and perfumes that use milder surfactants than classic products
  • Don't use too much soap
  • Wash the soap completely off the skin
  • Dab hands, do not rub dry

Tip : Boiling soap yourself is one way to get a mild soap for your hands and the rest of your body. If this is too time-consuming for you, we recommend natural soaps . In addition to the high concentration of natural ingredients, they are packaged economically and are therefore environmentally friendly.

In good hands: Rich care with the Five Shea Cream

Let's focus on the second H: skin care . For regular hand creaming in winter, we recommend the FIVE Shea Cream with organic shea butter, which supports the regeneration of the skin . Organic jojoba and argan oil help to retain moisture and make the skin beautifully supple. It is our natural miracle weapon against dry hands and a true all-rounder.

Dry hands despite applying cream - that's what's behind it

In addition to the intensively nourishing effect and protection against wind and weather, our care balm with shea butter is above all one thing: free of emulsifiers . Emulsifiers ensure that the watery and oily components in creams combine to form an emulsion so that they can be better absorbed into the skin. So far so good. But even if the cream has long since been absorbed, the emulsifiers stored in the skin continue to work diligently. They use what's left over, namely the skin's own fats, and combine them with water that comes into contact with the skin when washing hands or showering. The result: The emulsifiers are washed away along with the protective skin oils. Therefore, despite constantly applying lotion, you may suffer from rough hands in winter. Skin oils washed away. Therefore, despite constantly applying lotion, you may suffer from rough hands in winter.

Applying lotion needs to be learned

The right time : To avoid the “washout effect”, you should neither wash your hands nor shower for approx. 2 hours after applying the cream. A good time to apply cream is in the evening, before going to bed.

💧 So that our FIVE Shea Cream can be easily absorbed by your skin, you should apply it to damp to wet hands and massage it in.

☝️ SOS tip hand mask : For particularly brittle and cracked hands, a hand mask can work wonders overnight. Before going to bed, spread a hazelnut-sized portion of FIVE Shea Cream on your water-moistened hands and massage them in well. You can also treat yourself to a little hand massage , which has a beneficial effect on stress and tense hands. To ensure that excess balm can be gradually absorbed into the skin and does not end up on the bed linen, wear light cotton gloves overnight.

Not to be dismissed out of hand: protect gloves

Now let's move on to the third and final H: Gloves . They are and remain the best way to protect your hands from icy winds and cold temperatures outdoors. With them you prevent moisture loss and micro-injuries, which is half the battle when it comes to hand care in winter. Additionally, you can give your hands an extra "protective coat" by applying a generous amount of FIVE Shea Cream as a cold balm before you leave the house.

Last but not least: Drink, drink, drink

And of course we don’t mean alcohol! Adequate fluid intake is extremely important for the entire body and especially for the skin as its largest organ. In summer it is easier for us to drink enough because we move more and feel naturally thirsty in the heat. When it's cold, the feeling of thirst decreases and we tend to forget to drink.

🍵 If water is too “boring” for you, spice it up with a slice of lemon or orange and a few mint leaves. It's best to prepare a whole mug full and put it on your desk so that you are constantly reminded to drink. Or prepare a pot of a spicy herbal tea mixture as soon as you get up in the morning - it not only hydrates you, but also warms you up from the inside in winter.

It's obvious: care ABC for supple hands in winter

  • By not washing your hands too often and gently with natural cosmetic surfactants or soaps, you avoid damaging the skin's protective film.
  • Valuable, natural active ingredients in your daily hand care regenerate the skin and store moisture.
  • Gloves protect your hands from climatic influences outdoors and prevent dehydration and micro-injuries.
  • Beautiful hands also come from within. Reduce stress , drink a lot and discuss possible skin diseases with your doctor.
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