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Dry brushing: instructions for the self-care ritual

Dry brushing caresses the soul and cares for the skin. It's no wonder that natural beauties are rediscovering this age-old self-care ritual. You don't really get going in the morning? Do you want smooth, soft skin all over your body? Or do you want to prevent cellulite? Then dry brushing is something for you too. How do you use the brush massage and how does it work? Read on ...

Self-care rituals: dry brushing | Five Skincare

Holistically beautiful with the brush massage

"You look good!" We all like to hear that. We're usually greeted like this when we're feeling really good, right? This is not surprising, because our well-being can be seen directly from our appearance. It would be nice if we could also reverse this effect. So a beauty ritual that has a positive effect on your whole body. Et voilá dry brushing. 

This tried and tested treatment is good for you from head to toe. It gives you energy, stimulates blood circulation and the drainage of lymphatic fluid . This strengthens the immune system and helps with all sorts of ailments. But this is a skin care blog. That's why we want to be very superficial for once and concentrate on the look: How does dry brushing conjure up beautiful skin? We will also look at how you can find the right tool and what needs to be considered when using it. 

💡 Who invented it? No, not the Swiss... Dry brushing is an Ayurvedic healing method . In India, the Garshan massage was used for lymphatic drainage for thousands of years before it became popular in Europe in the 19th century.

Dry brushing invigorates the skin

The brush treatment revitalizes tired skin. And not just because it gets the circulation going. The rough surface acts like a mechanical peeling on your skin. This refines the skin and makes it nice and soft. What you usually use a body scrub with coffee or sugar particles for can also be done without an extra cosmetic product. The bristles remove dead skin cells that make your skin look rough and sallow just as effectively. This means that dry brushing has several advantages.

  1. Stimulates blood circulation : The blood transports nutrients to the upper layers of the skin. The better this works, the faster wounds heal and the skin cells regenerate.
  2. Tightens the connective tissue : The gentle pressure also stimulates the lower layers of the skin and the connective tissue. With regular use, even cellulite dents can be alleviated.
  3. Unclogs the pores : The peeling opens clogged pores that can lead to impurities on the décolleté and back. So bring on the off-the-shoulder tops!
  4. Thorough depilation : Regular exfoliation prevents ingrown hairs. In this way, the depilation is thorough and stubble-free.
  5. Even tan : Smooth skin takes on color more evenly. This leaves a flawless complexion whether you're celebrating bikini season or using a self-tanner.

Brush or massage glove?

You can easily integrate dry brushing into your daily care routine. If you think about how many packs of peeling you save in the long run, it's also super sustainable. Provided, of course, that you don't buy tons of massage brushes and gloves to find the right tool. Because the choice is large. So how do you find the right product?

🐷 Massage brushes with natural hair : Horse hair or pig bristles usually caress your skin here. Real hair brushes feel extremely pleasant on the skin. They apply gentle pressure without being scratchy. However, they are not vegan.

🌱 Massage brushes with plant fibers : The vegan alternative to natural hair usually consists of flax, sisal or agave fibers. However, they are significantly stronger. This is nothing for sensitive skin and it usually feels too harsh.

🌟 My recommendation: A massage glove made of vegan mixed fibers. He usually combines flax, sisal or linen with some cotton. This makes the glove gentle and effective at the same time. In addition, it adapts to the body shape. Personally, I use a 70% flax, 30% cotton massage glove.

Dry Brushing Instructions | Five Skincare

Dry brushing: instructions

Morning is the best time 

Dry brushing upon waking sweeps away the last bit of tiredness. Brushing for 5 minutes is ideal . When you hop in the shower afterwards, you'll wash away all the rubbed-off skin particles. This way your moisturizer can also have an optimal effect.

Brush with feeling

Light pressure is enough to stimulate the skin and connective tissue. This is especially true for the first time. Gently feel your way to the intensity that you are comfortable with. After brushing, a slight reddening is quite normal . It shows that your skin is now really well supplied with blood. But you shouldn't see any scratches, then it was too hard.

Always to the heart

The aim of the Ayurvedic Garshan massage is to improve the flow of lymph towards the heart so that toxins are removed properly. Just as the compass needle always points north, so the brush strokes always go towards the heart . Start at the farthest point and slowly work your way up. You can use the brush in straight strokes or in circular motions. And this is how it works step-by-step:

  1. Start with the legs : foot to knee, knee to hip.
  2. Then the arms come from the wrist over the elbow to the shoulder.
  3. The belly : A massage for the digestive tract is added here. Brush in a clockwise circular motion. Stroke up from the corner of the appendix, along the costal arch to the lower left abdomen and do that a few times.
  4. Lastly the back . Here you work in circular movements from the bottom to the middle.

When and where you prefer not to brush

The nice thing about dry brushing is that it is well tolerated. Depending on how much pressure you exert, you can freely control the intensity. You should only avoid the affected skin area in the following cases:

  • Injured and irritated skin until completely healed
  • Eczema and other skin diseases
  • Sunburn – not even to accelerate skin peeling!
  • varicose veins
  • Just don't treat the face with the body brush! It is better to use a mild peeling here .

Clean the massage glove and brush properly

When dry brushing, your massage aid does not come into contact with water, soap or bath additives. So you don't have to wash it out after every treatment. Instead, tap out the glove or massage brush well so that dusty particles fall out.

A more thorough cleaning once a month is sufficient. Use a mild shampoo for pet hair. Soap works well for sisal, flax and the like. Then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry with good ventilation. It's best to hang up a glove for this. Always lay brushes with the bristles down. Otherwise the water will run into the wooden handle and the brush can become mouldy.

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Make mindfulness everyday, not the exception

So there is no question: dry brushing has many advantages. But maybe you are now thinking: “There are so many things that 5 minutes a day is enough to do. If I do ALL of that, the day goes by quickly.” That's true, there's a lot competing for your time. My tip is therefore: Find the rituals that are important to you . So the ones that are particularly good for you and focus on them. Everything that gives you more energy, more serenity or more joy in the long term pays off.

Do you feel too stressed to do something good for your body? Then that might be a warning sign. And that rarely comes alone. Stress leads to a variety of skin problems - read more at How does stress affect my skin? Self-care rituals such as dry brushing or a relaxing facial steam bath are therefore worth their weight in gold in our everyday lives.

Be good to your body, it will thank you!
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