Close the jar and get rid of perioral dermatitis

Perioral dermatitis, mouth rose, mannequin disease - the phenomenon not only has many names, but is also affecting more and more of you. One of the most common triggers is over-care of the skin with creams, make-up and the like. The treatment is as simple as it is difficult to endure: a zero cosmetic diet. Why in the acute phase even products for sensitive skin are too much of a good thing and how you can win the game of patience? Let's find out.

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Perioral dermatitis, what is it?

Redness and irritated, swollen skin with small inflamed knots - this is what it normally looks like, mouth rose. It is commonly known under this name because the mouth area is most commonly affected, but it also often occurs around the eyes , in this area it is called periorbital or periocular dermatitis. If you care too much, the horny layer swells, bacteria collect and cause inflammation. If the affected area comes into contact with cosmetics or food, the irritation worsens. This is not only uncomfortable but also unattractive - let's face it, one would like to crawl into a hole.

As annoying as this skin disease is, it actually doesn't just have its downsides:

    • It is not contagious and therefore does not spread like a wildfire.
    • It is not chronic. With the right treatment, the acute phases usually pass after a few weeks without leaving any scars. What do you need for that? Nothing, except a lot of patience.

Your skin reacts irritated to this

In short, pretty much everything. Mouth rose is not an allergy to individual substances, but a general hypersensitivity. It is often caused and aggravated by too much cosmetics. On the one hand, there is the problem that individual products today easily contain up to 30 ingredients that your skin first has to process.

On the other hand, complex care routines are propagated with umpteen products one after the other. They easily add up to over 100 cosmetic ingredients in the morning (some of them are repeated). This is stimulation overload for the skin. In the end, she fights against everything.

What is good for your skin with mouth rosy

"The comfort of nothing" - the quote from a Dany Boon comedy actually sums it up perfectly. Your skin needs exactly this luxurious idleness now. It's getting to be too much for her and she wants nothing but peace and quiet. That is why the dermatologist usually prescribes zero therapy. Cosmetic abstinence from really everything: Cleansing, care, make-up, simply everything taboo. Also no products with few ingredients until the skin has completely healed. That's why you should completely refrain from using creams, washing gels and the like in the acute phase of perioral dermatitis.

Under no circumstances should you use cosmetics too early and too quickly. After the first two weeks of abstinence from care, the complexion improves, but full regeneration takes time. Wait at least 6 weeks before you carefully start using care products again. And only if everything has really healed well.Then don't just go back to your usual routine, because that was probably one of the triggers. Get minimalist care for sensitive skin and start bit by bit.

☝️ When to the doctor? First when you're not sure what you're dealing with. Perioral dermatitis is easily confused with other skin conditions, most notably rosacea, but needs to be treated very differently. Even if it is severe, a visit to the dermatologist is worthwhile. Sometimes an antibiotic is needed.

What to expect from zero therapy

On a chilled beach holiday, relaxation only sets in when all the stress has left your system. Your skin is the same with mouth rose. At first she will even feel worse - the dermatitis jet lag, so to speak. Because now you're not giving her any more moisturizer. It begins to tense, shed and feels extremely dry . Of course you would like to apply cream, but you are not allowed to. This is unpleasant but important, because in this phase the swollen horny layer dries out. This removes the breeding ground for harmful bacteria and lays the basis for healing.

Depending on the severity, this aggravation can last around two weeks. After that you can finally breathe again. From now on you will feel better. The symptoms subside and the skin regenerates. It takes her about six weeks to fully recover. During this time you should only bring the affected areas into contact with lukewarm water.

Red, calloused and inflamed areas have healed completely? Then you can start using cosmetics again. But very piano. Now the moment has come for minimalist care. Products with just a handful of ingredients care for your skin without overwhelming it. And you should also use these sparingly so that the outer layer of skin does not swell up again. If you are too generous with cosmetics right away, you risk a new boost.

Dos & don'ts for zero therapy

The cosmetic zero diet is no walk in the park. But it is highly recommended because it is the only way to bring your skin back into balance. These tips can help you heal and endure more easily.


  1. Envelopes with black or green tea. The tannins it contains help especially in the initial phase. They have an astringent effect and ensure that the skin does not crack as quickly. Briefly dip the tea bag in hot water, allow to cool completely, and then place directly on the affected areas for 10 minutes. The tea should ideally be organic and absolutely unflavored!
  2. Talk about it. In addition to the skin, self-confidence also suffers. The tendency is to take the entire annual vacation and hole up on the couch. But unfortunately we have to go outside more often. The problem cannot be overlooked, especially since you must not cover it. Many women therefore find it helpful to deal with it openly. Just tell your colleagues and friends what's up. They will understand and - if they're nice - try to cheer you up.
  3. Iron Discipline. Unfortunately true, this phase sucks. What motivates you now? The ultimate goal: finally beautiful skin again. Use the weight loss trick with the photo .Find one on which you were really happy with your skin and hang it big - no, not on the fridge - but on the mirror Instead of spending hours inspecting your current problem area, take a long look at the photo and tell yourself Mission: If I persevere, I'll get back there in no time!
  4. Support the body of inside . Diet is an important factor when it comes to healthy skin. Everything you eat and drink every day has an impact on your skin. With an anti-inflammatory diet it is possible to minimize inflammation in the skin, which skin with Important nutrients, delaying the formation of wrinkles and removing skin impurities and deposits.
  5. Distraction. The worst part is waiting for things to get better. In fact, the more you think about it, the longer it seems. So think of something else. Have you been wanting to redecorate your apartment for a long time? Clean out your closet? learn yoga? Here we go! Keep yourself busy and enjoy the good feeling of having accomplished something again. But the whole thing shouldn't degenerate into stress. It is counterproductive for skin problems.
  6. A goal, a beautiful goal that you're really looking forward to. sit down Think about what you really enjoy that you just don't feel like doing right now - visiting that stylish new bar, a shopping trip, that cool exhibition you really wanted to see? This will be your reward once you feel like it again. With the perseverance tips, time flies faster than you think ;-)


  1. Don't experiment of any kind. Don't try a new cream, no cleanser, no nothing at all, except what the dermatologist may prescribe for you. You will not discover an ingenious miracle cure that everyone else has overlooked in a self-experiment. The web is full of testimonials showing that tinkering makes everythingworse (for example, because she just didn't know it was perioral dermatitis).
  2. Cortisone ointments. No, what helps with neurodermatitis is not automatically good for all other inflammatory skin problems. In fact, self-imported agents such as cortisone creams, which flight attendants brought from the USA in the 1950s and used too carelessly, are said to have earned perioral dermatitis the nickname stewardesses' disease. So hands off it. The dermatologist will also not prescribe cortisone for this disease.
  3. Peeling. Pretty much the worst thing you can do to your skin right now. If it dries out early in zero therapy, it may become scaly and scabby as it heals. The idea of ​​freeing the skin with a peeling is understandable but fatal. Peelings are absolutely not suitable for sensitive skin with perioral dermatitis. In no form, neither mechanically nor chemically nor with enzymes.
  4. Direct sunlight. UV light can provoke perioral dermatitis, ergo also aggravate it. It means additionalstress for the skin. In addition, she is exposed to the sun during the zero therapy completely without protection because you can't apply a UV filter. So avoid direct sunlight and enjoy it with caution afterwards.
  5. Avoid toothpastes containing fluoride.Fluoride can be responsible for the development of perioral dermatitis and allergies and accordingly impedes healing

Your personal skin consultation is just an email away.

Skincare is sometimes a bit complicated. Not sure what your skin type is or what kind of care would be good for you? We will advise you individually and free of charge by e-mail.

Your personal skin consultation is just an email away.

Skincare is sometimes a bit complicated. Not sure what your skin type is or what kind of care would be good for you? We will advise you individually and free of charge by e-mail.

How to keep perioral dermatitis at bay

🐢 Conclusion: In the case of perioral dermatitis, only patience, patience, patience helps. Only after it has completely healed can you carefully start using cosmetics again. Rely on extremely well-tolerated products with only a few ingredients and use them sparingly.

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Get well soon!
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