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Simply beautiful - simplify your skin care routine

Does your mirror cabinet say “closed due to overcrowding”? Your skin probably feels the same way. She lets you feel when it's too much for her. Irritation and hypersensitivity to care are becoming increasingly common. According to a study, one in two women describe their skin as sensitive 1 . You too? Then at the latest it is time for a simpler care routine.

Simply beautiful – simplify your skin care routine | Five Skincare

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Let it go – get away from super-complicated skin care

Many people want a simpler care routine. Using up to 10 products one after the other and on top of each other means a lot of effort. And the result is often not more beautiful skin, but rather problem skin. Experts list too much cosmetics, along with climate changes and a defective skin barrier, as the main cause of sensitive skin conditions 2 . In order to soothe your skin or prevent such problems, it is important to simplify your care routine.

A leaner skincare routine

While we love you the way you are, your mirror cabinet can slim down. Where can something go? There are several starting points. Here are some tips to simplify your routine and make it more skin-friendly. If you are currently completely happy with an area, leave it out for now. Focus primarily on the aspects that are already bothering you. Maybe there's a step in your skincare routine that makes your skin feel particularly irritated. Or you've been wondering for a while whether this extra product really makes sense. Then now is the time to let go.

Facial cleansing

Many people first use make-up remover wipes, then a washing gel and then a toner. Quite a lot. Cleaning your face in the evening is important, but it can also be done gently and in one step. All you need is make-up removal oil and water. The oil effectively removes make-up and impurities. At the same time, it leaves the pH value and the skin barrier in peace. By the way: In the morning it is enough to clean your face with just lukewarm water .

☝️ Practical tip: The FIVE make-up remover cleans and cares in one. You can simply remove it with a damp cosmetic pad or use it for the Oil Cleansing Method .

Day and night care

Protect during the day, care for at night, that is the motto of many skin care series. But shouldn't care do both anyway? With day and night creams, you buy two almost identical products, one a little richer and the other a little lighter. What they don't take into account: There are other factors that influence your skin's needs, for example the seasons. So you may need different products in winter than in summer - that would be two more creams.

Products that you can combine individually all year round make more sense. So a facial oil that provides your skin with nourishing and protective lipids, and a moisturizing serum. This allows you to apply a little more oil or more moisture depending on your skin condition and time of day.

☝️ Practical tip: How to care for your skin day and night with the FIVE facial oil * + the FIVE facial serum .

  • For the day: Mix facial oil and moisturizing serum.
  • For the night: The skin usually just needs moisture.

If you have very dry skin, you can use the rich FIVE Shea Cream instead - applies to all the tips in this article.

Winter and summer care

In winter the skin has different needs than in summer, that's for sure. It dries out more quickly in cold weather. When it is warm it produces more fat. We can feel and see that. And we are already inclined to buy different skin care series. The products in the mirror cabinet are moved closer together again.

But you can also do justice to this change with just two individually combinable products: facial oil and moisturizing serum. You can dose this duo very variably to give your skin exactly what it needs.

☝️ Practical tip: How to care for your skin all year round with the FIVE facial serum + FIVE facial oil .

  • In summer: little oil and more moisture
  • In winter: more oil and less moisture

Eye cream

Even an extra eye cream only makes sense to a limited extent. Yes, this area of ​​skin is particularly delicate. But their needs are not fundamentally different from the rest of the face. It also needs moisture and fat. With a combination of hydrating serum and protective oil, you're in the right place here too.

What does not belong in eye care are irritating or skin-foreign ingredients such as alcohol and mineral oils. However, they are also not very beneficial for the rest of the skin. If your normal cosmetics are free of such ingredients, you can also use them to care for the eye area.

☝️ Practical tip: Soothing, moisturizing and 100% natural – the FIVE products are ideal for the eye area.

Help, swollen eyes 🐼

We all know puffy eyes in the morning. They usually subside quickly. But for some, the lymphatic congestion is particularly stubborn. Cooling or decongestant creams actually make sense here. Facial massages and a low-salt diet in the evening also help. Also pay attention to hidden salts, for example in ready meals!

Multifunctional products

There is a cream for everything, not just from the neck up. The same applies to hands, feet, body, elbows and so on. The reason: Some areas of skin are drier than others. But does that really require a separate product for each of them? No.

You can save yourself a lot by using an oil care product that you apply to damp skin - please do not add water to the product! A body oil or a waterless balm is ideal for this. The wetter the skin, the easier it feels to care for it. To care for particularly dry or stressed areas, simply adjust the dosage. Use more product and less water to achieve the right effect.

☝️ Practical tip: The FIVE Shea Cream is a real all-rounder. It is suitable for the whole body and the face. Find out more about the benefits of Shea Cream .

Simple, yes – one-sided, no

Simplifying your routine makes sense. However, you shouldn't reduce essential things. So it's not enough to apply a facial oil without moisture. Likewise, you won't achieve your goal with an oil-free serum alone. In certain cases, you can leave out one of the components for a while. But basically the skin needs a mixture of oil and moisture. If you only give her one of these, she will be missing something in the long run.

💡 Note: The skin needs oil and moisture.

Dose flexibly

Every skin needs fat and moisture. However, not always in the same proportion. Ideally, both components can be combined individually. This way you can respond to the condition of your skin depending on how you feel on the day. What does that look like in practice? The easiest way to explain it is using the example of...

FIVE facial serum & a FIVE facial oil of your choice.

  • Dry and barrier-damaged skin More oil, less serum
    Dry skin needs lipids to repair its protective layer.

  • Dehydrated skin More serum, less oil
    Dehydrated skin has difficulty binding water and needs humectants such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid.

  • Oily or impure skin More serum, less oil
    At night and on hot summer days, oily skin can sometimes do without oil altogether.

  • Young skin up to 25 Oil on skin moistened with water is often sufficient.
    Young skin still has plenty of humectants, so it doesn't need a hyaluronic serum every day.

Simplify your skin care in 3 steps

Maybe you already have an idea where to start, maybe not yet. After all, letting go is not easy at all. Proceed systematically with these three steps.

Step 1: Analyze the skin

Learn to understand your skin type and the different conditions your skin goes through. We have recently made a number of articles specifically on these topics. They explain how skin type and condition are related , how you can tell whether your skin is lacking oil or moisture and much more. There are also care instructions for various needs in the blog. This will help you find out what your skin needs and what it reacts negatively to. And then take a closer look at your current care routine. Are there any products that you are super happy with or any that disappoint you? Such findings provide good clues for clearing out and shopping.

Step 2: Clean out

We all know these impulse purchases in the supermarket. We often quickly regret them. Once or twice used, the bottles sit around forever. Sorting things out here has a really liberating effect. Ask yourself what you don't use because there's no need. Is there already a layer of dust on your eye cream, lip scrub or crack ointment? You can save on such products in the future. The day cream is empty, but the night cream is still half full? Then you can probably get by with one of them. Take the lessons learned from decluttering with you to step #3.

Step 3: Shop sustainably

For minimalist skin care, choose your products more carefully. It's definitely worth taking a closer look. Instead of complex multi-step routines, you can get by with three or four products for your face and body. Even if they are a little more expensive, you ultimately save money, space and resources.

Rely on natural cosmetics. It contains ingredients that are full of active ingredients. Plant hydrosols provide moisture and have a calming or astringent effect at the same time. In contrast to mineral oils, plant oils provide skin-like lipids, vitamins and antioxidants that your skin can use for its regeneration. In this way, not only products but also ingredients can be reduced. This makes the skin happy because it copes much better with it.

Bye-bye irritations and sensitive skin!

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