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Beauty sleep: This is how your night's sleep becomes a beauty boost!

We have known since Sleeping Beauty: There is a magical connection between beauty and sleep. But: Is extensive beauty sleep actually the beauty secret for a fresh, kissed-awake complexion the next morning? I'll tell you whether you can really sleep well - and what you need to transform your night's sleep into an effective rejuvenation treatment that will conjure up the signs of the times from your face.

Beauty sleep for beautiful skin | Five Skincare

Beauty sleep – does it really exist?

It's not a myth that a good night's sleep can ensure beautiful skin overnight .

While you sleep peacefully between the feathers, the regeneration work in your body and skin is in full swing. Night is the perfect time for this. Our facial muscles are in rest mode and our skin does not have to deal with environmental influences at night.

This is what happens in your body while you sleep

Your circadian rhythm - aka: your internal clock, which is based on the day-night rhythm - controls important body functions, including your sleep. When it gets dark and you fall asleep, the concentration of the sleep hormone melatonin increases, sending your body and skin into the nighttime repair phase.

  • For your skin, your peaceful slumber is the best time of the day to recover, repair cell damage and intensively regenerate.

  • If you are in deep sleep, your body produces its own anti-aging agent : this refers to growth hormones that you need for functioning cell regeneration - for example, around 70% of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is released during sleep 1 !

  • While you sleep, your body recharges , muscles and bones regenerate from the exertions of the day, your heart beats slower and your metabolism ensures a natural detox .

  • Your brain also needs sleep to keep your nerves healthy and to filter and process the impressions of the day. If we don't sleep enough, our memory and learning ability suffer.

So you see: If you make a restful, extensive beauty sleep your priority, you support your self-healing powers and make an important contribution to your physical, emotional and mental fitness.

Adequate beauty sleep as a beauty boost? These 5 reasons speak for it!

Moment. In order to look radiantly fresh and pretty in the morning, all we need is – enough good sleep?! That's exactly how it is, or so science says. I'll tell you below what you can do to optimally support your beauty sleep (and give Sleeping Beauty a run for its money). First: The sensational benefits of getting enough sleep for your skin .

1. A plump, youthful complexion.

Studies show 2 : Skin's own collagen is built while we get enough sleep. Cell renewal is also based on our circadian rhythm 3 and takes place when we sleep peacefully.

In our skin, collagen acts as a kind of supportive cushion. It ensures elasticity, tone and gives a firm, wrinkle-free complexion. The problem: The collagen content in the skin constantly decreases due to the natural aging process. In addition, external influencing factors such as UV radiation and oxidative stress can further promote collagen degradation.

Regenerative sleep helps against this. With an extensive beauty sleep you can stimulate cell renewal in your skin 3 and support your skin's own collagen production 4 . Perfect conditions for turning back the clocks at least partially.

2. Morning glow instead of bags under your eyes.

We all know them. Those days when our morning reflection greets us with big bags under our eyes. And it's no coincidence that these days usually follow particularly restless and sleepless nights .

The relationship? If we sleep too little or our sleep quality leaves something to be desired, the levels of the stress hormone cortisol remain elevated in the body. Cortisol is not only an enemy of flawless skin (more on that in a moment), but also promotes water retention (such as bags under the eyes) in the body.

The same applies here: have a good night's sleep. If you make sure you get enough beauty sleep (experts recommend seven to nine hours !) you can prevent bags under your eyes and dark circles under your eyes.

3. Clearer skin while you sleep.

No joke, but another effect of the already mentioned stress hormones such as cortisol. If our body doesn't get enough (or only bad) sleep, it represents a stress factor. And our body reacts to stress by releasing hormones that influence the activity of the sebaceous glands 5 .

If your sebaceous glands secrete too much skin oil, it can lead to clogged pores, impurities and greasy, shiny skin. If your skin is prone to (stress) pimples, make sure you give yourself a restful beauty sleep every night (or at least as often as you can manage it).

4. Healthy, radiant complexion.

Those who sleep better look more beautiful. There are several reasons for this.

  • Lack of sleep is an enemy of well-moisturized skin. This is the result of a Korean study 6 . Too little sleep (four hours in the study) increases transepidermal water loss across the surface of the skin - after just one night! The longer the lack of sleep lasts, the more serious this effect is.

  • If you don't sleep enough, this can have further consequences. Over time, the skin's appearance suffers, wrinkles become more visible and the skin's elasticity decreases 6 . The functions of the skin barrier can also be affected by poor sleep 7 .

  • With enough sleep , you wo n't have a dull, pale complexion and you won't have to worry about large pores or reduced blood flow to the skin 8 either.

The following results from a Swedish study are not surprising: people who have not had enough sleep are rated by others as less attractive , less fit and (logically) more tired than people who have had eight hours of sleep 9 .

5. If you pay attention to your beauty sleep, you will feel more comfortable in your skin.

Do you feel the same? After a particularly restful night or a well-rested weekend, our skin sometimes looks as if we had a pampering day at the spa .

No wonder: good sleep quality has an impact on how satisfied we are with our appearance 7 .

The effects of beauty sleep don't just affect the appearance of our skin. Because when we feel good, our mood improves and we are more balanced. This inner satisfaction is a boost for your charisma and acts like natural anti-aging from within!

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Use these tips to get the most out of your beauty sleep!

Do you find it difficult to switch to relaxation mode in the evening - and unfortunately your time between the springs has little in common with a deep Sleeping Beauty sleep ? Then it can help to establish a relaxing self-care evening routine.

With the following points you can achieve your perfect beauty sleep : 

  • Before you go to bed, prepare a cup of fresh lemon balm tea . Lemon balm is traditionally used to combat sleep disorders, as the essential oils of lemon balm have a calming and stress-relieving effect. 

  • Establish an uncomplicated, soothing skincare routine to support your skin in its nightly repair work. Before your beauty sleep, remove make-up residue, excess sebum and deposits with a gentle oil cleansing and treat yourself to a soothing facial massage .

If you use your favorite FIVE products , you can let the subtle scent of the essential oils they contain put you in a relaxing mood.

  • The FIVE make-up remover gently cleanses with a mixture of cold-pressed jojoba oil, almond oil and apricot kernel oil and supplies your skin with barrier-strengthening lipids. The fresh, mood-enhancing scent of neroli essential oil prepares you for your beauty sleep and turns your bedtime ritual into a soothing care treat.

  • Then apply the FIVE facial serum , which provides your skin with intensive moisture and uses hyaluronic acid to ensure a fresh, plump appearance overnight. Sleeping Beauty feeling included: The delicately scented rose petal hydrosol made from precious Damask roses works harmonizing and contributes to optimally moisturized skin.

Does your skin need additional lipid-rich care ? Then use a suitable facial oil in the third step. The carefully formulated FIVE facial oils also contain essential oils that can wonderfully support your beauty sleep 

  • The FIVE Facial Oil Regeneration provides dry and mature skin with nourishing sea buckthorn pulp oil overnight, which supports cell renewal. Harmonizing organic lavender oil promotes collagen formation in the skin 10 and at the same time has a sleep-promoting , balancing and stress-reducing effect 11 . 

  • The FIVE facial oil Balance is suitable for the care of normal skin, combination skin and oily skin. Organic black cumin oil strengthens the functions of the skin barrier. Jojoba oil has sebum-regulating properties, the essential grapefruit oil it contains has a mood-enhancing effect and supports the body's own detox. 

  • Ventilate your bedroom and ensure a comfortable room temperature . This also applies in winter! In general, experts recommend a sleeping temperature between 15 and 19 degrees. High temperatures and increased humidity disrupt REM sleep (i.e. our dream phase) 12 . This can negatively affect the body's nightly regeneration processes.

Also important: keep your bedroom dark . The circadian rhythms that occur in the body at night and our sleep can be disrupted or disrupted by light 13 .

Support your beauty sleep with carefully formulated natural cosmetic products from FIVE for better skin balance.

Bye, sleepless nights: This ensures a restful sleep on cloud 9!

  • Treat yourself to a pleasant foot massage before going to bed, for example with FIVE Shea Cream. This means your feet will also get the rest they deserve. The rich shea butter, as well as jojoba and argan oil, intensively care for the stressed skin of your feet. Because the Shea Cream is also delicately scented with essential neroli oil, it puts you in the right mood for your beauty sleep.

  • Meditate for a few minutes in the evening . Especially if you can't switch off in the evening and your thoughts circle in endless loops, studies have shown that meditation is an effective help against problems falling asleep 14 .

  • Keep the time before bed screen-free . Endlessly scrolling on your smartphone, working late on your PC or watching TV before going to bed can affect your sleep quality. One of the reasons for this is blue light , which can inhibit the production of melatonin (our sleep hormone). Better: Read a good book instead. It even helps you sleep – really true! Studies show that reading before falling asleep improves sleep quality 15 !

  • Invest in a suitable pillow and pillowcase for your beauty sleep. Natural materials such as organic cotton are great. They are particularly gentle on the skin and hair, and are generally well tolerated by allergy sufferers. Tip: Complete your evening self-care ritual and use a calming pillow spray with lavender before you go to sleep.

  • Avoid salty snacks and alcohol in the evening if possible. Recommended instead: A light, healthy dinner. Focus on foods that are rich in tryptophan . The amino acid is linked to improved sleep 16 because it affects melatonin and serototin levels in the body, which in turn are responsible for our sleep. Good sources of tryptophan include whole grains, nuts, seeds, mushrooms, peas and broccoli.

Conclusion: An extensive beauty sleep supports every beauty routine!

So the 'myth' of beauty sleep is really true - and intuitively we've always known that. Good, restful sleep makes us look younger, fresher and more rested overnight . In this article I have given you my best tips for a soothing beauty sleep with a Sleeping Beauty effect . Just adapt it to your evening routine and let me know what worked particularly well for you!

By the way: Even if I'm too exhausted in the evening to do every single item on my list - what I always do is: drink a cup of tea, treat myself to a nice oil cleansing with a facial massage, brush my teeth thoroughly, and then go into the cool bedroom !

Sleep well, your Sibyl

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