Beautiful care instead of beautiful make-up? That's the advice of beauty blogger Katrin Roth

There are thousands of beauty trends and many of them are - let's be honest - bizarre. Especially if things like sustainability or a holistic approach are important to you. FIVE founder Anna asked herself: What actually defines beauty and which beauty trends have come to stay? She talks about this with the beauty journalist Katrin from

Let’s talk about Beauty mit Katrin Roth: Von Trends und Routinen bei Kosmetika | Five Skincare

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Let's talk about beauty: trends and routines in cosmetics

There's no arguing about beauty, but there's still a lot to talk about. Especially when two meet for an interview who vibrate so much about clean beauty as beauty blogger Katrin and FIVE founder Anna. Then there is an inspiring conversation about trends, sustainability and what really defines beauty.

Dear Katrin, in your blog you not only deal with beauty products, but with holistic beauty. This also includes diet, exercise and mindfulness. How do these four themes play together for you?
In order to not only be able to report on about beauty, I chose a modified variant of a quote from Audrey Hepburn as the claim. "Because happy girls are the prettiest" sums up perfectly what beauty means to me: everything that makes you happy and therefore beautiful. In addition to great products from the beauty universe, good food, exercise and gratitude are also part of it, at least in my world.

And how do you live that in your everyday life?
Actually throughout the day, which almost always starts with a jog, followed by a good coffee with a fine snack, before I choose sonrisa and/or an article with new beauty trends such as products. Also, every morning I write down what I'm grateful for and what I want to let go of... It all sounds very Pinterest-ish, but I just function best when I a) get enough sleep, b) get enough greens , but also eat chocolate, c) move – be it in sneakers or on the yoga mat – and d) laugh a lot...

That's really strong! I can sign that with enough sleep, also has priority 1 for me. But otherwise my routine is not quite as mature as yours. At times I manage well, but even small changes, such as a change of location or an appointment, throw me off balance.

Do you have any tips on how to establish routines that make you happy, or has it just always been that way for you?
Full disclosure: Whenever I don't have my routine, I quickly turn into a bad-tempered party pooper, as my family can confirm... But, to come back to your question: In the end, that's everything a matter of habit. For example, jogging in the morning is just as much a part of it as showering, deodorant or brushing my teeth. Otherwise, I would advise taking everything a little looser and making yourself supple if a day doesn't go optimally. I'm still working hard on it myself, by the way...

Beauty Interview Katrin Roth: Von Trends und Routinen bei Kosmetika | Five Skincare

Speaking of routine: Do you have a go-to beauty ritual that you fall back on again and again in certain situations?
My beauty routine is blatantly unglamorous, I'm also not particularly good at dealing with make-up and that's why I like to delegate such rituals to professionals: Be it by treating myself to a pedi, the Have my eyebrows plucked or have a professional do my makeup for a specific occasion The only thing I really manage to do is style my hairwith the Dyson Airwrap it's so easy that even I can easily do it...

Sounds familiar, I hardly ever wear make-up. Mascara, eyeshadow, blush and that's all, that has to be enough for me. What is important to me is – surprise! – skin care.

What do you look for in care products?
Basically, I prefer to use natural cosmetics with the highest possible organic content, preferably from the luxury sector... In addition to a good texture and a nice scent, sustainable extraction of the raw materials is also important to me. Ideally, the packaging is also sustainable. When it comes to the ingredients, I'm totally open. As a beauty journalist, I enjoy discovering and testing new things.

When it comes to make-up, I'm also a natural child, but I also love the lip products from Chanel and Dior. And otherwise? I have a great weakness for scents, but at the same time I am also very picky.

Katrin, you have a daughter. What beauty tip did you pass on to her?
Always remove make-up and wash your face. And please use sunscreen every day. Also, like me, she prefers to use natural cosmetics but I never had to say anything about that. That just happened.

New beauty trends are constantly appearing and you will find out about them very early. What three trends do you think are here to stay?

  1. Clean Beauty, although that's a very broad term. In general, however, it can be said that there is an increasing need for sustainable products.
  2. Solid Beauty, that is, products without water. Especially when it comes to hair products, there are really great alternatives in solid form!
  3. Inclusive beauty in the sense of a very broad ideal of beauty beyond stereotypes. There is still a lot of room for improvement in this area, but I love how diverse the beauty world has become in recent years!

Solid products - I also find that a very exciting topic, because waterless and solid cosmetics also totally contribute to sustainability. It requires less packaging, less space and less preservation in the products, which saves emissions during transport and resources in production.

Do you have a brand of solid hair products that you think is great?
I've only just started testing myself with solid shampoos and conditioners, of which there are more and more there, which I very much welcome. It's still too early for a list of favourites, but if my favorite brand Rahua should ever launch permanent products or my signature fragrance "sorriso" should be available as a balm, the case would be clear!

We all know cucumber slices as a beauty treatment for the eyes. But what DIY tip has amazed you lately and needs to be shared with our readers?
Ui, there are some... Coconut oil, for example, is an ingenious multitasker for removing make-up (great! ), as a body lotion, for cooking (beauty food) or as a hair mask.

That's right, coconut oil is probably the most diverse DIY ingredient that I know. It even acts as a temporary deodorant and some use it for oil pulling.
Some things may take some getting used to at first, but I think: Just try it out! The most important part of DIY is the "do it" in the Nike spirit

Beauty should be fun, like you said, because you can see it. Thank you very much, dear Katrin, for the inspiring interview!

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