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Take your make-up off: Taking off your make-up properly made easy

A daily makeup removal routine is essential to rid your face of makeup residue and maintain radiant, healthy skin. That's why this article is all about the art of removing make-up correctly. Find out how tinted day creams, mascaras etc. can be removed thoroughly and at the same time in a skin- and environmentally friendly way. We have put together useful tips and tricks for you to make removing make-up an effortless and relaxed part of your daily skin care routine in the future.

Take off your make-up: Taking off your make-up properly made easy | Five Skincare

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Why is removing make-up properly so important?

Thorough make-up removal not only removes make-up and dirt particles, but also impurities that have accumulated throughout the day. This prevents pores from clogging and reduces the risk of breakouts. In addition, removing make-up allows the skin to undergo a night-time regeneration phase in which it can breathe freely and recover.

Well-cleansed skin is better able to absorb nourishing products such as serums and creams, increasing their effectiveness and resulting in a radiant, healthy complexion. In short: correct make-up removal is one of the keys to optimal skin health and should therefore have a permanent place in your daily skin care routine.

Why is removing make-up often so annoying?

Many of us know it: We stand in front of the mirror in the evening and desperately try to remove our mascara. But even a lot of rubbing and rubbing doesn't help , it seems to stick to your eyelashes. Our efforts often end with us going to bed with red eyes and wrinkled skin. To make matters worse, the next morning we still discover stubborn make-up residue under our eyes - and the panda bear says hello every day!

Oil-proof, waterproof or both?

Foundations, mascaras and lipsticks are designed to last as long as possible and not smear. They have to withstand the different conditions of our skin, be it moisture in the form of sweat or oiliness in the form of sebum. Some make-up products are therefore waterproof, others oil-proof and some even both . This sometimes makes removing make-up a demanding process, as the make-up often stubbornly sticks to the skin and eyelashes and makes it difficult to remove thoroughly.

Which means to remove make-up?

It is important to always have a make -up removal product on hand that is the right counterpart to the make-up you have applied . Removing make-up is only difficult if the make-up and the cleaning method do not harmonize with each other. You should therefore keep the following in mind:

  • Water-soluble make-up can usually be easily removed with lukewarm water .
  • Waterproof make-up and wax-based make-up such as foundations, mascara, eyeliner, cream blush and lipstick are usually resistant to micellar water, water-based washing gels and cleansing lotions. The easiest way to remove these products is with oil and the Oil Cleansing Method
  • Water AND oil-proof make-up is the biggest challenge and is very difficult to remove . We therefore only recommend such products in exceptional cases if you want to be sure that your make-up stays on perfectly for several hours. To get rid of them later, the magic word is double cleansing . You take off your make-up in two steps using two different products:
    • First, remove the oil-based parts of the make-up with a make-up removal oil such as our FIVE make-up remover .
    • Then use water-based washing gel or washing foam to wash off the waterproof components.

Do the test : After purchasing new makeup, test it on the back of your hand to see how it comes off. Try it once with water and once with oil. This way you can easily find out which make-up removal product is best for you.

Remove make-up properly with the FIVE make-up remover

For mild facial cleansing based on the oil-removes-oil principle for waterproof make-up, we have a real all-rounder in our repertoire: the FIVE make-up remover . With it you can easily and gently clean your face and eyes of make-up, sunscreen and city dirt. In addition, the make-up removal oil pampers your skin with the nourishing and regenerating power of cold-pressed organic plant oils. You can find out what other uses our versatile cleansing oil has to offer in the blog post Make-up removal tips: 7 ingenious uses with our make-up remover .

Remove make-up properly
The make-up removal oil Effortlessly removes make-up and waterproof mascara and leaves the skin feeling well-cleansed yet nourished.

No make-up, so no make-up removal?

If you belong to the category of non-makeup artist and have no skin problems, it is sufficient to clean your face thoroughly with water in the evening before going to bed. With one exception, because removing make-up is important, especially in summer, and not just when it comes to make-up. Sunscreen also has to be taken off your skin in the evening ! Our article explains why this is essential and how even strongly sticking UV filters can be easily washed off: Do you have to wash off sunscreen?

If you have thoroughly removed make-up and sunscreen from your face the evening before, you can look forward to your morning care routine all the more relaxed. Since the skin does not get dirty overnight, it is sufficient to wash it with clean water after getting up. You can read here why cleaning your skin too much makes life more difficult than easier: Facial cleansing in the morning: Why water is completely enough .

Step-by-step make-up removal instructions

Here's how to apply your make-up thoroughly in six simple steps , but with your brains and without anything being in your eyes:

  1. Apply product . Apply a few pumps of FIVE makeup remover to your palms and gently massage the product onto your face, eyelids and eyelashes.
  2. Let it work . Have a little patience and don't start rubbing it like crazy. Give the product time to work its magic by massaging it in slowly. Afterwards, make-up and dirt come off easily and you can use this moment for a little break. Simply close your eyes and enjoy the relaxing facial massage. This turns the make-up removal ritual into a relaxing wellness experience.
  3. Don't scrub . The rule of thumb is: If you have to rub hard to achieve a cleansing effect, the cleanser and your makeup are not made for each other.

  4. Command sissy . Dampen a washcloth or reusable makeup removal pad with hot water to remove the makeup remover along with the dissolved makeup.

  5. First the eyes . Remove mascara and eye shadow by stroking from the outside in and from top to bottom to the tips of your lashes while your eyes are closed. This way you can avoid oil getting into your eyes.

  6. Then the face . The last step is to remove the make-up from the rest of the facial skin using circular movements.

Remove make-up properly, but please do so in an environmentally friendly way

Environmentally friendly facial cleansing is not only easy, but also offers feel-good benefits that you may not have even thought of before!

Throwing away was yesterday

When it comes to makeup removal routines without unnecessarily polluting the environment, the first thing we should do is say goodbye to disposable makeup removal pads, cotton swabs and cleaning wipes. These convenience products may be convenient, but they are anything but environmentally conscious. Reusable alternatives such as the good old washcloth, which in our opinion completely unfairly has a dusty image, are much gentler.

Wellness for the face

Not only is it more environmentally friendly than disposable products, but it also has true wellness qualities! After a long, tiring day, a fluffy washcloth moistened with hot water works wonders on your face. The vegan washcloths in our Oil Cleansing Method starter set are extra large (30 x 30 cm) so that they completely cover the face. Feels like a compress from the beautician and is wonderfully relaxing.

Gentle make-up removal ritual
Use the FIVE make-up remover with our cuddly soft and extra large washcloth for radiantly beautiful skin.

Change your sissy

For hygiene reasons, you should change washcloths and reusable make-up removal pads frequently . It also makes sense to use a special towel just for drying your face instead of the shower towel. Make sure to wash the textiles at at least 60 degrees to really kill the bacteria. If you struggle with skin problems, remember to regularly change your pillowcase because germs like to make themselves comfortable here too.

Conclusion: How to remove make-up correctly? Really easy!

As you can see, the art of removing make-up properly isn't so much magic if you follow a few rules :

  1. Make-up removal is mandatory ! This also applies to non-makeup wearers after applying sunscreen.

  2. Find out whether your makeup is waterproof, oil-proof, or even both to find the right makeup removal product.

  3. Use a make-up remover that cleans and nourishes your face at the same time, like FIVE make-up removal oil.

  4. Do something good for the environment and use reusable alternatives such as cloth pads, washcloths and towels to remove make-up.

  5. Change make-up remover textiles regularly so that no bacteria can settle in them.

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