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Care in summer: 5 ingenious applications with our serum

Summer means sun, fresh air and adventure – but also air conditioning, mosquito bites and sunburn. It's a good thing that you're prepared for summer care with our serum. Discover 5 tips and applications that will surprise you.

Open serum for facial care in summer and young woman with sun on her face

Photos top left Anna Shvets and top right Laura Mitulla

My must-have for facial care in summer

It's not for nothing that the FIVE facial serum is my favorite product from our range. For me it is essential for daily skin care. The oil-free serum was developed by us to provide your skin with a maximum of moisturizing and binding ingredients. And these are them, our top 5:

  1. Rose petal hydrolate (organic) : moisturizes and soothes.
  2. Ferment : preserves and increases skin moisture.
  3. Glycerin (organic) : binds moisture in the deep layers of the skin and promotes elasticity.
  4. Hyaluronic acid : binds moisture and ensures elasticity.
  5. Arginine : moisturizes and balances pH.

5 ingenious ways to use our serum:

1. Ultra-light care in summer

On particularly hot days, cream and facial oil quickly feel like too much because your skin secretes more sebum. However, you should definitely prevent moisture loss. Are you thinking about switching to a light product and wondering which serum is suitable for summer? The oil-free facial serum refreshes your skin and brings you concentrated moisture . Hyaluronic acid and vegetable glycerin bind the moisture that the rose hydrolate brings and hydrate your skin for a long time.

2. Basis for sun protection

The facial serum provides pure moisture without weighing you down. The super light texture is absorbed immediately and forms the ideal basis for heavy sun creams (or make-up), which often contain a high proportion of oils. You can mix particularly heavy textures with the facial serum in the palm of your hand to make them lighter. Works great if, for example, you only have sunscreen for your body on hand, but you also want to use it for your face. IMPORTANT: Just remember that the mixture has a weaker protective effect because you then apply less sunscreen.

3. Sunburn relief

Intensity underestimated and it happened. Good thing you have your facial serum on hand. Because glycerin together with rose water not only provide your skin with the moisture it urgently needs. Rose hydrolate also has a calming effect. And the high molecular hyaluronic acid that we use has excellent wound healing properties.

4. SOS for mosquito bites

Ouch, mosquito season has begun. Unfortunately, our serum can't do anything against the buzzing tormentors themselves, but it does provide relief from stings. Glycerin and rose water have a cooling effect and soothe the skin. They also help her to recover - if the itching was stronger than your will not to scratch.

5. Protection in conditioned air

Nice and cool, nice and dry: air conditioning poses a challenge for your skin. Give her extra protection that lasts a long time. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid attract water like a magnet. They keep moisture in your skin and prevent it from drying out. No matter whether it's a flight or a marathon meeting, with the FIVE facial serum you'll look just as radiant as before.

Discover our oil-free and ultra-light facial serum for summer care

Skin-friendly care in a duo every day

You see, the ingredients in the FIVE facial serum make it a true beauty all-rounder. The serum is a must as a moisturizer for every skin type. In midsummer, it's sufficient solo care for many skin types, especially if you produce enough of your skin's own sebum and are looking for oil-free care.

However, if your skin is rather dry, it is best to combine it with our Regeneration Facial Oil. And often normal or combination skin likes a little more care, so you combine the facial serum with the Balance facial oil. Our summer care set combines the FIVE facial serum with the facial oil of your choice.

Discover our care duo for care in summer and beyond

My tip for use: Mix oil and serum in the palm of your hand and apply it evenly to your face and décolleté. Is it cold and windy outside? Use a little more of the oil to protect your skin well. Are you on the plane for a long time today? Then take precautions with a generous supply of moisture. A small rule of thumb for summer: the hotter the weather, the lower the oil content should be.

Whatever the sunniest time of the year brings, with the FIVE summer care set you are completely cared for, from the tip of your nose to the tips of your hair.

Time for that summer glow!
Your Anna

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