Almond oil in facial care - care star for soft skin

Smells great, cares for a long time and improves elasticity - spotlight on for a true beauty queen: the almond. How your oil cares for your face and body and why it is so supple and why organic is simply better when it comes to almond oil? This article tells you that.

Mandelöl in der Gesichtspflege: Pflege für weiche Haut | Five Skincare

Almond oil: A care legend rediscovered

Has a migratory bird also been lost on you? Discovering the unknown, trying out new things and a new dream destination constantly comes to mind. But we often forget on the way that the Mediterranean is also quite beautiful: snacking on olives, sipping wine and the scent of citrus in the air ... a dream!

The situation is similar in cosmetics with almond oil. Exotic elixirs have pushed it out of the limelight a bit. But quite wrong! Because almond oil has the best properties for the skin.

The effect of almond oil on young looking skin

Since there is (unfortunately ...) no remedy in the whole wide world that stops skin aging, I resist the inflationary use of the anti-aging label. Same with almond oil. Whereby, if an ingredient deserves it, then surely this one...

You can find out in detail why and how skin ages in the article Skin care from the age of 30: do I need anti-aging products? . So here only in brief: The culprits are weakening connective tissue, UV damage and moisture loss. And now the good news: Almond oil has something to offer against each of these effects. Although almond oil cannot rejuvenate the skin, it can effectively prevent premature skin aging.

  • Strengthens the connective tissue: Almond oil has a particularly flexible structure that allows it to penetrate deep into the lipid layer of your skin. The effect of almond oil comes from within: it cushions and stabilizes the tissue. The skin appears firmer and more toned.
  • Prevents light-induced skin aging: Almond oil naturally contains plenty of nutrients, above all vitamin E, the so-called tocopherol, which is often added to "anti-aging" products. This antioxidant catches free radicals, which are caused by UV radiation, among other things.
  • Regulates the moisture content: Your skin can easily absorb the fatty acids in almond oil and use them to regenerate the natural skin barrier. This prevents moisture loss and dryness lines. Due to its high proportion of oleic acid, almond oil also makes your skin soft and supple for an even complexion.

That's why almond oil is good for the skin

Natural oils are always a cocktail of different fatty acids, minerals and vitamins that give them very specific properties. Some are particularly suitable for healthy hair, others more for skin care. But the delicate facial skin is the supreme discipline. And that's where the pale golden liquid made from almond kernels shines!

5 facts why almond oil is good for your skin

  1. Unsaturated fatty acids are particularly mild. They are related to our own skin lipids, which is why your skin can easily process them. They have calming on stressed skin.

  2. Almond oil has a high proportion of oleic acid. Their special molecular structure allows them to penetrate deep into the skin. It strengthens the deeper layers of the skin, improves elasticity and also transports other active ingredients deep into the skin.

  3. Linoleic acid provides ceramides for a resilient skin barrier. At the same time, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and relieves irritation.

  4. Vitamin E (tocopherol) is an effective antioxidant that protects your skin from cell damage. Good things don't come alone here, because almond oil also contains vitamins A, D, B vitamins and various minerals - thanks to them, almond oil is also a hit for hair care!

  5. Almond oil is structurally similar to the skin's own lipids and not comedogenic. That means it doesn't clog the pores. That's the be-all and end-all in facial care, after all you don't want to pay for a well-groomed feeling with impurities.

Gentle and thorough – remove make-up with almond oil

Almond oil is used in many different ways in cosmetics. It is a great base oil for lotions and body oils. And as an additive to shampoos or leave-in products, it conjures up a smooth shine in the hair. Since it is not an oil that spreads too quickly, it spreads rather slowly on the skin. So it leaves a soft feeling for a long time. And precisely because of the so-called spreading factor, almond oil is ideally suitable for removing make-up from the face and eyes - a beauty ritual that is often neglected.

Since almond oil spreads more slowly than for Take coconut oil, for example, it doesn't soak in in a matter of seconds. It effectively binds dirt and can then be easily removed with a damp cosmetic tissue or cotton pad. Nothing removes oil like oil. That's why you can easily remove even stubborn and even waterproof eye make-up with almond oil.

Would you like a little more? But gladly: Give your skin an extra dose of care when removing make-up! The high proportion of oleic acid in almond oil leaves a super soft feeling. The skin feels cared for for a long time and is ideally supplied with nutrients overnight to regenerate.

Aggressive cleaning procedures? take your makeup off! With the FIVE make-up remover made from almond, jojoba-, apricot kernel and neroli oil (all organic) and an extra portion of vitamin E.

Quality check: What you should pay attention to when buying

For the care of skin and hair, only the "sweet" almond oil comes into question - because beware: there are also bitter almond products that come from the bitter variant. What we are interested in here, however, is the sweet almond - Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis in Latin - which is packed with the good vitamins, minerals, oleic and linoleic acids mentioned above.

In the list of ingredients, sweet almond oil is mostly found as Prunus Dulcis or given its full botanical name.Especially if you want to use it pure, pay attention to high quality! Most of the nutrients are contained when the almond oil is cold-pressed, as the process is particularly gentle

For our FIVE Make-Up Remover we go one step further and take organic almond oil from organic cultivation. With the organic quality, all good active ingredients get on your skin and at the same time you minimize the exposure to pesticides.

Almond oil or coconut oil - which is the better face oil?

Seductive fragrance, a smooth feeling and high nutritional value - almond and coconut oil have a lot in common. However, the trend is currently towards exotic nut giants. Almond oil offers clear advantages for facial care: it is non-comedogenic and spreads more slowly.

Non-comedogenic means that almond oil is absorbed without clogging the pores. Excess sebum and impurities are not trapped, but gently transported away. Coconut oil, on the other hand, is comedogenic. Although its antiseptic properties fight bacteria, it doesn't help the drainage of excess skin fat and sebum very well and tends to stick together.

At the same time, coconut oil spreads quickly, so it spreads very quickly on the skin. Your skin feels cared for immediately, but the effect also dissipates after a short time. Almond oil or shea butter, on the other hand, ensure a well-groomed feeling throughout the day.

☝️ Good to know: Coconut oil is great as a light body oil, but almond oil has a clear advantage over coconut oil for facial care.


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