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Cold protection cream: This is how this cream protects you in winter

Snow flurries, icy winds and sub-zero temperatures are a big challenge for our skin. A cold protection cream is a must-have for anyone who spends a long time outside the door in winter. But what are the ingredients in this cream and how do they manage to protect our skin? In this article you will find out everything about wind and weather cream and how you can use it to get your skin through the winter.

Cold protection cream: This is how this cream protects you in winter

How a cold protection cream protects your skin in winter

A cold protection cream protects against wind and icy temperatures in winter and provides the skin with nourishing ingredients. They are always waterless and consist of oils and fats such as shea butter and often waxes. Alternative names are wind and weather cream or cold protection balm.

You can imagine the function of the cream as follows: Just as you wrap your hands in warm gloves in the icy winter, a cold balm protects your skin like an additional layer of clothing and shields it from the worst. This reduces moisture loss, but also redness, feelings of tension and dry skin areas.

❄️ Cosmetics Wiki: Cold protection cream should not be confused with cold cream, as it gets its name from the cooling effect it has when applied.

Do I need wind and weather cream?

You may already know care balms as protective creams for children's delicate skin. But adults also do themselves a good thing if they protect their skin from the cold, because our skin's own lipid production - which could actually protect our skin - unfortunately only works to a very limited extent in cold temperatures. In particular, people with a tendency to have dry or sensitive skin benefit even more from the protective cream, which lies like a coat on the delicate facial skin.

When do I need cold protection cream?

There are two factors to consider:

  1. Temperature : Below a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, the skin's own sebum can no longer be distributed in the skin because it becomes thick and its flowability is no longer sufficient. In addition, the skin barrier is restricted when the humidity is low, so your skin goes into a little hibernation. A cold balm has a supportive effect here by supplying your skin with the lipids it needs and thus better protecting it from the nasty weather.
  2. Time : If you leave the house quickly for 5 minutes, you almost certainly don't need cold balm. This changes after 20 minutes or more. Pay attention to how your skin feels. Are dry patches of skin noticeable? Then it's better to use wind and weather cream a little earlier.

Your cold balm for the winter:
FIVE Shea Cream with organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, vitamin E and fragrant organic neroli oil.

Your cold balm from FIVE

We developed our FIVE Shea Cream primarily as a day care product for very dry and stressed skin . However, years of experience with the product and feedback from users show that it is ideal as a protective balm - in this function even for all skin types.

As its name suggests, Shea Cream consists primarily of shea butter . This ingredient is proven to increase skin hydration by protecting it from moisture loss. Another advantage of this ingredient is its strength. A cold protection cream should be rich and shea butter does this job excellently. With its high melting point, it ensures the solid consistency of the shea balm, which immediately melts on the skin when applied. Jojoba oil and argan oil refine the recipe and have a regenerating and smoothing effect.


Please distinguish between the everyday use of FIVE Shea Cream as facial care and its use in extreme situations as a cold balm:

  • Use in everyday life, as day or night care: For dry to very dry skin as a nourishing and regenerating facial care, we recommend using the FIVE Shea Cream together with the FIVE facial serum . This additionally hydrates your skin with rose petal hydrosol and hyaluronic acid and binds water to your skin so that it is perfectly cared for all around together with the Shea Cream. Apply the FIVE facial serum first and the FIVE Shea Cream immediately afterwards while your skin is still moist.
  • Use as a cold balm for stays outdoors: I advise against combining it with the FIVE facial serum in sub-zero temperatures, as the water bound by the serum could freeze on the skin. That's why before applying FIVE Shea Cream, moisten your skin exclusively with water or a pure hydrosol. Then apply the balm to your still damp skin. PS: Please don't do without the water, your skin needs it to optimally absorb the FIVE Shea Cream.

☝️ Well cared for through the winter: Not only does your face need weather protection, but lips and hands also enjoy protective care and regeneration with the FIVE Shea Cream.

Here you can discover the FIVE Shea Cream with protective shea butter, regenerating jojoba oil and smoothing argan oil.

I hope you have fun in the snow!

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