Versatile cold balm: This is how FIVE Shea Cream protects you in winter

The FIVE Shea Cream as a cold balm? Yes, exactly! Because the balm is not only our range classic for the care of dry skin, but also ingeniously versatile. In winter, every skin type benefits from the waterless balm with a protective feel-good factor. I'll tell you now what you can do with a jar and why you shouldn't miss out on the extra portion of protective care in winter.

Schützender Kältebalsam für die Haut im Winter mit der FIVE Shea Cream | Five Skincare

I'm a fan of products that do more than just one thing. That's why most of the FIVE products are designed so that you have as much of them as possible. One of them that shows surprising advantages, especially in winter, is FIVE Shea Cream. It has more benefits than ingredients and that is what makes it so versatile. Discover below the top applications of the FIVE Shea Cream in the cold season.

But first let's see what a cold balm is and if you need one for yourself.

How cold balm protects your skin in winter

What is a cold balm?

A cold balm protects against wind and cold in winter and provides the skin with nourishing oils. Cold balms are always waterless and consist of oils and fats such as shea butter and often waxes. Alternative names are wind and weather cream or cold protection cream.

❄️ Cosmetics Wiki: cold protection cream is not compatible with coldcream because it gets its name from the cooling effect when applied.

Do I need a cold balm?

You may already know care balms as a protective cream for children's delicate skin. But adults also do themselves good if they protect their skin from the cold, because our skin's own lipid production unfortunately only works to a very limited extent in cold temperatures.

When do I need a cold balm?

There are two factors to consider:

  1. Temperature: Below a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, the skin's own sebum can no longer spread in the skin because it becomes viscous and its fluidity is no longer sufficient. In addition, the skin barrier is restricted when the humidity is low, so your skin goes into a little hibernation. A cold balm has a supporting effect here by supplying your skin with the necessary lipids and thus better protecting it from the nasty weather.

  2. Time: If you leave the house quickly for 5 minutes, you probably don't need a cold balm. That changes with 20 minutes and more. Pay attention to how your skin feels. Are dry patches of skin noticeable? Then it's better to grab the cold balm a little earlier.

The FIVE Shea Cream as a cold balm for your face

Whether winter hiking, skiing or a day on the ice rink, hours of exposure to the cold is incredibly exhausting for your skin. She then likes to show this with dry, cracked or reddened areas.

We need help from outside. Protection against roughness and cracks is provided by a balm that is as rich in fat as possible and absolutely waterless like our Shea Cream.The rich composition of only 5 ingredients nourishes, protects and regenerates your skin with organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, vitamin E and fragrant organic neroli oil

Application as a cold balm

Please differentiate between everyday use of FIVE Shea Cream as facial care and use in extreme situations as a cold balm:

  • Everyday use, as day or night care: For dry to very dry skin as a nourishing and regenerating facial care product, we recommend using the FIVE Shea Cream together with the FIVE face serum to use. This hydrates your skin with rose petal hydrolate and hyaluronic acid and binds water on your skin sothat together with the shea cream it is perfectly cared for all around. Apply the FIVE Face Serum first and the FIVE Shea Cream immediately afterwards while your skin is still moist.

  • Use as a cold balm for staying outdoors: I do not advise combining it with the FIVE facial serum in sub-zero temperatures, as the water bound by the serum could freeze on the skin. Therefore, before applying the FIVE Shea Cream , moisten your skin exclusively with water or a pure hydrolate. Then apply the balm to your still damp skin. PS: Please don't do without the water, your skin needs it to optimally absorb the FIVE Shea Cream.

The FIVE Shea Cream as a hand and lip balm

Unfortunately, our lip area quickly turns into brittle sandpaper in winter. With the FIVE Shea Cream you can effectively prevent this. It comes out of the jar in the consistency of a lip balm and keeps your delicate lips supple for hours. It owes this effect above all to the shea butter, which has a moisturizing effect and soothes irritated skin. As a result, the balm also provides relief when the skin is already cracked.

☝️ Well cared for through the winter: It's not just your face that needs protection from the cold, but your lips and hands also look forward to protective care and regeneration with FIVE Shea Cream.

At least as annoying as chapped lips: cracked hands. This also happens faster than usual in winter. You can prevent this by wrapping your hands well. Wear gloves as often as possible or protect your hands with a nice dose of FIVE Shea Cream, which you apply immediately after washing your hands but before drying them. This may work well when walking the dog, but as soon as you pull out your smartphone, the taps on the smartphone display could bother you.

Personally, I don't feel like constantly polishing my display, so my tip: Use the concentrated care load of FIVE Shea Cream as a regenerating intensive treatment for your hands overnight . To do this, wet your hands and massage in a good amount of the cream, about the size of a pea. If you have, cotton gloves ensure that the active ingredients can work their magic really well overnight.

Your cold balm for the winter:
FIVE Shea Cream with organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, vitamin E and fragrant organic neroli oil.

Ingeniously versatile - the FIVE Shea Cream

So the FIVE Shea Cream is a bit of a jack of all trades - only better because it's vegan. Maybe we haven't even come up with all possible applications. Do you have an insider tip that you would like to share with us? Or are you just now curious? Then get the multitasking talent and defy the cold with an extra portion of care.


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