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Jojoba oil for the face - This is how the beauty elixir works

We love vegetable oils! They are natural, nutritious and caress your face softly. Find out more about the effect of jojoba oil in facial care and how its unique composition also balances oily skin and impure skin.

Jojoba Oil Face | Five Skincare

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Jojoba oil in natural facial care

Native vegetable oils are not only important in healthy nutrition, but also have a firm place in natural skin care. In addition, they are completely natural and do not require an armada of additives. So there's no question why they're one of the top trends in skincare, even for the face.

It is obvious that vegetable oils are a high-quality ingredient in facial care products for dry skin. But what about oily skin? Not every oil is also suitable for the care of oily skin, but jojoba oil is predestined for this due to its unique composition!

Jojoba oil, or the oil that isn't

The golden-yellow jojoba oil (INCI: Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil) has only cheated its way into the league of oils because, strictly speaking, the seeds of the jojoba bush do not contain any oil, but rather a delicately melting wax . And while glycerine binds the lipids together in oils, alcohol molecules take on this task in wax, resulting in a completely different structure. Jojoba oil differs significantly in its composition from other well-known care oils such as argan oil or almond oil .

The structure of jojoba oil is very similar to the skin's own lipids . Together with the many valuable ingredients of the jojoba bush, there are several great properties of jojoba oil for the face, which are not only great for normal to dry skin, but also have something to offer for oily or even impure skin.

As a desert child, jojoba oil is extremely robust. It does not oxidize and, unlike real oils, does not go rancid. This not only makes the wax durable for a long time. It even preserves other botanicals naturally.

💛 Jojoba oil…

  • is a well- tolerated base oil .

  • is suitable for all skin types .

  • combines with the skin lipids and protects against moisture loss without sealing the skin.

  • supports the elasticity of the skin.

  • can balance sebum production and prevent comedones.
  • is very resistant to oxidation and cannot become rancid.

How much we love jojoba oil is shown by the fact that four products from FIVE contain jojoba oil.

This is what makes jojoba oil so awesome for oily skin

If you have an oily complexion, you may not really dare to use facial oil, because unfortunately problem skin can always be worse. Anyone who has already experimented a lot can sing a song about it. Save yourself the attempt! We reveal here why jojoba oil is suitable for oily skin and why.

1. Bye Pimples!

Because jojoba oil is similar to sebum, it actually regulates its production. In this way, unwanted tenants such as dead skin cells, too much sebum and bacteria are better removed. This prevents impurities without drying out. Because then the skin would turn up the oil production again and the game would start all over again. That's exactly what we want to avoid.

2. A tough nut for acne pathogens

Behind acne and pimples in general are nasty bacteria , among other things. However, many of them cannot metabolize jojoba oil. It covers the skin protectively and cuts off bacteria from their food source. The pests starve to death next to full pots.

3. Skin plumb

Nourishing lipids from the outside smooth the skin and stabilize the pH value. The many remedies in care products are constantly pushing him back and forth. What don't you try when the pimples sprout... Above all, the skin needs one thing: balance . Then the natural protective mechanisms work optimally.

4. A protective shield of nutrients

The vitamin cocktail of jojoba oil has a refreshing effect on the skin like a fruit smoothie. Vitamin E and provitamin A prevent oxidation damage to the cells.

5. A good feeling

Jojoba oil is well tolerated by all skin types because it is so similar to our sebum. It absorbs well and leaves no sticky film - an absolute must for oily skin to feel good!

Thanks to jojoba and black cumin, the facial oil Balance has a balancing effect on sebum production and brings oily skin back into balance.

Nourish the face with jojoba oil

When buying jojoba oil, make sure it's cold-pressed and organic . Only then will all the important nutrients you need to care for your skin be included.

Many customers have asked us how they can best naturally care for their oily or impure facial skin without using the usual highly degreasing and harsh products for oily skin.

Beauty tip: Jojoba oil can help to regulate sebum production, especially for skin that quickly becomes greasy, because it is so similar to the skin's own sebum.

We listened and together with experts we developed a 100 percent natural-based facial oil for normal to oily skin. Like all our products, the light facial oil comes with five vegan ingredients and provides your skin with exactly what it needs:

  • Jojoba Oil : has a regulating effect on sebum production and cornification.

  • Vegetable squalane : provides lightness and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

  • Black cumin oil : has an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • Vitamin E : acts as a radical scavenger.
  • Grapefruit essential oil : with its antibacterial effect, it ensures that existing impurities do not spread further.

Conclusion: If your complexion feels oily, impure or shiny, the magic word is jojoba oil - an ingredient with very special properties.

Extra tip: apply jojoba oil to your face

For a caring effect, you should always apply jojoba oil and all care oils in general to damp skin . Either by washing your face directly after, or by mixing the facial oil with a moisturizing serum in the palm of your hand and applying both together with gentle movements to your face.

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