Off on vacation: care tips for beautiful skin

What constitutes a dream trip for you, your skin finds quite exhausting. Sunbathing, bathing and depilating always throw them off balance. The consequences are impure skin on holiday or dry skin after the holiday. Therefore, it requires particularly intensive care during this time. With our tips for relaxed skin on your summer vacation, it will be relaxing for both of you.

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Blemished skin on vacation: an uninvited guest

You can hardly wait to finally wear your new bikini or to dress up in your backless summer dress and then this: After a few days of vacation, the pimples and pustules just start to sprout. Great! 😔 This can have various causes such as greasy food at the hotel buffet, heavy sweating, sunscreen or dusty air. Too much sun can also take a toll on your skin, after all we don't often spend the whole day at the pool or beach all day long.

Heat rash, sun allergy, Mallorca acne : Have you ever been visited by one of these uninvited guests and caused bad skin (and bad mood) on holiday? The three "culprits" are an overreaction of your skin caused by a combination of sweating, UV radiation and unsuitable sunscreen. Now it's time to keep a cool head, because the rash usually disappears on its own after a few days. To speed up the healing process, avoid direct sun, wear loose, airy clothing that doesn't stick to your skin, and consider changing your sunscreen. A low-lipid sunscreen without emulsifiers but rich in antioxidants is the product of choice here.

So that it doesn't get that far in the first place and you can enjoy your holiday stress-free from start to finish, we have a few tips for you for summer-beautifully well-groomed skin. With our four skincare tips for beach beauties , we hope you'll be spared bad skin while on vacation!

4 skin care tips for beach beauties

1. Soft suntan (from the tube)

A touch of color is simply part of it. But tan with caution ! In contrast to a summery complexion, UV damage is permanent. Therefore, always wear plenty of sunscreen and expose your skin to as little intense radiation as possible. This is particularly important at the beginning of summer or the holiday season, when the skin is still particularly sensitive. In this phase you should therefore apply cream regularly and choose a high sun protection factor. Your skin needs about three weeks to get used to sunbathing and to build up the so-called solar calluses : a thickening of the cornea that offers the skin's own protection against UV radiation, comparable to protection factor 5.

Prevention instead of anti-aging : There is no better way to prevent premature skin aging than sunscreen. Before you resort to overpriced anti-aging products to limit the damage, it is better to invest in a good sunscreen in good time.

If you follow these three tips , you have laid the most important foundation for beautiful and healthy skin during and after the summer holiday:

  • The higher, the better : sunscreen with SPF 15 is like a drop in the ocean. It should be at least SPF 30, preferably SPF 50.

  • Always at hand : A tube of sunscreen should be your constant companion in summer and on vacation, because you need it most when you don't have any with you. Fortunately, they are now available in a handy pocket size in every drugstore.

  • A lot helps a lot: If your skin is exposed to UV radiation over a longer period of time, the following applies: reapply sunscreen at regular intervals and apply plenty of sunscreen.

Natural wins : We recommend sun protection with natural UV filters. You can read here what distinguishes it from conventional, synthetic sunscreen: Natural sunscreen – what to look out for ?

Tip : If you are more of a shadowy person, simply reach for self-tanner . It is even available as natural cosmetics, for example from Lavera. In any case, this is gentler than UV radiation. Applied before the holiday, you arrive with a slightly tanned complexion. But pay close attention to the expiration date! Formaldehyde can split off from the tanning agent dihydroxyacetone (DHA) if it is stored too long or at high temperatures. You can find out more about tanning at: How much sun can my skin tolerate? – 7 sun protection tips .

2. Look good even without makeup

How does your daytime makeup look in summer? Fresh, natural, almost without make-up? It's a good thing that it almost comes naturally. Sun-kissed complexion dispels pallor. The heat effortlessly conjures up rosy cheeks. And the right care ensures clear skin with no signs of dryness. Strong make-up, on the other hand, threatens to run off in the heat and quickly looks like a mask. The result is clogged pores and new irritations.

Let your skin breathe instead. Why not try pampering your face with a minimalist but high-quality facial care line à la FIVE and do without make-up. This gives the skin more time to regenerate and you to enjoy.

Summer morning routine for your face:

  1. Less is more : wash your face with lukewarm water only and pat dry with a clean towel

  2. Mix it : mix the FIVE facial serum alone or, if necessary, with a drop of FIVE facial oil in the palm of your hand and massage in gently

  3. On top : leave the serum and oil on for about five minutes and then apply sunscreen over it

FIVE Facial Oil – Dry and Sensitive Skin | Five Skincare

With the FIVE summer care set consisting of facial serum and facial oil, you always have the right facial care for your holiday at your side.

3. Gently cleanse to prevent dry and blemished skin

Sun, water, wind, parties - what you find relaxing is anything but a vacation for your skin. Nevertheless, thorough cleansing of the body and face is mandatory and helps to avoid impurities.

For the body : When it's really hot, I long for a refreshing shower around the clock. Salt water and the smell of chlorine also bother the skin. Showering once a day is rarely the case. The protective shield of the skin, however, messes it up quite a bit. Hot water and soap suds wash away the acid-lipid mantle again and again. Therefore, it is better to shower lukewarm and only use shower gel where necessary . Arms and legs hardly sweat and already have to deal with a lot of UV radiation and moisture loss. But sunscreen should be washed off with soap at least once a day. And speaking of shower gel: Better to do without conventional shower gels. They usually come with aggressive surfactants and also dry out. It is better to use natural cosmetic washing gels. They consist of mild surfactants and are gentle on your skin.

For the face : Unfortunately, sunscreen cannot be washed off with just water. And it absolutely has to get off your skin in the evening. In this article we explain why this is so important: Do you have to wash off sunscreen?

But washing gels dry out and your skin doesn't like that after a sunny day? An oil-based make-up remover is the solution here: It thoroughly removes sunscreen and dirt from the pores and at the same time protects against moisture loss. Applied in the evening, its natural oils also have a nourishing effect overnight.

Summer evening routine for your face:

  1. Don't make a mess : Apply FIVE make-up remover generously to the face, neck and décolleté and massage gently

  2. Wipe away : Wipe off the dissolved sunscreen and make-up residue with a paper towel

  3. Two is better than one : apply the FIVE make-up remover oil again and remove any dirt residue with a damp washcloth

  4. Replenish moisture depots : Now apply half a pipette of FIVE facial serum and allow it to be absorbed by your skin. (After a sunny day, mix in a drop of face oil in the palm of your hand if you like).

FIVE Facial Oil – Dry and Sensitive Skin | Five Skincare

Our FIVE make-up remover effortlessly removes sunscreen from your skin and leaves your skin feeling clean and nourished.

4. With peeling for a silky smooth feeling

Razors, wax and co. are in high season in summer. Unfortunately, ingrown hairs are an unsightly side effect. With regular peelings, you tackle these culprits. If these also contain rich oils, they smooth rough skin at the same time. In no time at all, your legs are tender again and ready for short shorts or a mini dress. A peeling after the holiday ensures that your sun-kissed complexion looks more even and comes into its own. Find out which scrub is right for you in our article.

Cosmetics for the holiday: what really needs to be in the suitcase

These 4 care tips will also make your skin really relaxing on holiday. And that without unnecessarily weighing down your luggage. Yes, you've read that correctly. For beautiful and healthy skin during the summer holidays you don't have to empty half the drugstore. The FIVE summer care set is your perfect travel companion on vacation, as it is space-saving and yet satisfies all types of skin needs. Especially practical if you are only traveling with hand luggage and cannot exceed the permitted amount of liquids.

The power duo consists of our moisturizing facial serum and the nourishing facial oil , the mixing ratio of which you can individually adjust to your skin type. More tips on how to pack cosmetics for the holiday in a minimalist way without your skin missing anything can be found in the article Holiday beauty with little luggage: multi-use cosmetic products .

What to do against dry skin after vacation?

Did you try to follow the care tips above while on vacation and your skin is still tight and itchy, leaving little of the recovery you were hoping for? These could be the reasons for dry skin after vacation . The sun, salt water, mineral sunscreen, alcohol and air travel all have one thing in common: they strip the skin of moisture and dry it out. If several of these factors come together, the mess is almost inevitable. What helps now is: cream, cream, cream!

This is how you apply sunscreen every day:

  1. Body : After each shower, generously apply a vegetable oil to wet skin and massage in. During and after the holiday period, the following applies as an exception: More is more!

  2. Face : The combination of facial serum and facial oil in our FIVE summer care set moisturizes and regenerates your skin at the same time: the multi-use duo for every skin type! Here, too, we usually advise you to use the products sparingly. But now you can apply generously.

☝️ You are welcome to continue this "More is more" up to two weeks after the summer vacation and you will see: Your skin will thank you. Even after your skin has regenerated, you can continue this care routine. You should only reduce the amount or frequency back to a normal level so that you don't over-care for your skin.

Have you struggled with dry skin after vacations in the past? Then don't let it get to that point next time. Start moisturizing your skin while you're on vacation , at least once a day. This prevents their barrier function from being weakened and prevents dry skin after the holiday.

Bon voyage!

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