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Festival Marathon: This way your skin doesn't go flabby

Sun, drinks, dancing the night away and long queues in the washrooms – skin care is rarely optimal at festivals. Of course you don't miss out on the fun. And of course you want to shine afterwards. With these 4 beauty tips you protect your skin from damage. So let the party continue!

Festival Marathon: How to keep your skin from flabby – Five Skincare

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

4 absolute must-dos for festival beauties

Summer is always festival season. And let's face it, if you're a party person, then skincare is a top priority 2. Festivals have your skin exposed to the elements pretty much all day long. And with a celebration marathon like this, anything is possible, from the blazing sun to the wind and pouring rain. No picnic for your skin.

But I'm the last one to spoil the party fun. Maybe one day we'll even find ourselves side by side on the dance floor... However, skin stress can be minimized with a few festival-ready tricks .

Kiss only with lip balm

A protective lipstick or balm is essential. It's hot, you're losing a lot of fluids and then there's the kissing last night with the handsome bearded man. Your lips are already burning like after a sandstorm in the Sahara. And once they're brittle, it takes a lot of attention to gently care for them again. Lip balm therefore belongs in every festival bag.

Preferably one with natural fats or gently melting wax and, of course, a sun protection factor. Because, yes, we like red lips, but not when they're burned by the sun. Apply generously and diligently reapply. Unfortunately, we at FIVE have not yet developed any lip care. That's why I'm going to tell you about my current favourite: Annemarie Börlind's lip balm with SPF 20 . This care was also rated as very good by Öko-Test.

Reach for water

A beer here, a little wine there – for most, this is part of the festival fun. But too much and the next day is only half as fun. In addition to the hangover, it also has an ugly effect on the skin. The breakdown of alcohol creates many free radicals that attack healthy cells. This leads to oxidative stress . It can even be measured on the skin's surface. Heavy alcohol consumption accelerates skin aging.

Alcohol also dehydrates the body. The skin dries out faster. That's what makes a lot of water so important. A very personal tip: Drink at least one water after every alcoholic drink. In this way you counteract the dehydration and slow down the consumption of alcohol at the same time.

By the way, coconut water is a really good choice. Its isotonic effect replenishes the mineral balance. At the same time, it contains many antioxidants that reduce the cell damage already mentioned. And, of course, it's deliciously refreshing too.

4 absolute must-dos for festival beauties - Five Skincare

Photo by Joey Thompson on Unsplash

Be excessive with the sunscreen

You can't overdo it with the sunscreen at the festival. You spend the whole day outdoors and shade is usually scarce. Therefore, choose a high sun protection factor (SPF). The number indicates by which factor the sunscreen extends the self-protection time of your skin. And here you need protection for a long time!

Apply the cream first thing in the morning, preferably in the shade. Let them soak in before venturing out into the sun. And apply cream regularly throughout the day. By the way, did you know that reapplying cream does not extend the protection time? The maximum sun duration is limited by the SPF. But only repeated application ensures that you remain protected during this time.

Also keep in mind that the sun hits you from a different angle at the concert than, for example, at the pool. It now falls almost vertically on you. Particular caution is therefore required in some places. If you take a backpack with you, for example, the porters will rub the cream off your shoulders. The nose also turns red faster. And what many completely forget to apply cream: the parting.

☝️ By the way, a good portion of glitter over the sunscreen provides extra protection. So let it sparkle! But definitely with biodegradable glitter, because we don't want to pollute nature with microplastics.

Make-up removal is king

Take off your makeup! And every time. Even if you only prank your ear for a moment. The queue in front of the washhouse is long? do it anyway! It is usually extremely dusty on the festival grounds. Especially when you have freshly applied sunscreen, the granules attach themselves to you. The cotton pad is sometimes really black after cleaning.

Then, while you recover from the dancing and partying, your skin is wide awake. Regeneration is in full swing. Keep your back – or rather your pores – free for at least a few hours. She will thank you with a fresh look the next day. 👩‍🎤

With the FIVE make-up remover you can clean without water if necessary. The oil formula is super gentle on your skin and thoroughly removes dirt and make-up. You can also leave our make-up remover on your skin overnight as a care oil.

Well, that's it from mom.
Now have fun, kids 😍

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