Pale complexion? This is how winter doesn't make you look pale

Sallow complexion, dark circles under the eyes? It's not easy to look fresh and rested in winter. We spend more time indoors, miss the sun and curl up on the couch with gingerbread. Stop it! These 7 tips will give your skin the glow back.

Fahler Teint? So lässt dich der Winter nicht blass aussehen | Five Skincare

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You can do something about sallow skin

The sun kissed complexion fades with the leaves, this is normal. Pale skin and shadows under the eyes are not. They are mostly the mirror of your well-being. That can go downhill on cloudy days, especially since we're sitting inside even more because of Corona. A bicycle crash has also paralyzed me in the last few weeks. That's why I set a new record for looking pale. I want to change that now. Do you also want rosy skin in winter? Then come on, let's do this together!

Bye-bye winter pallor

In winter,several factors come together that make us look pale and tired. Fewer hours of sunshine mean less vitamin D, which is important for the skin's protective function. Less exercise means less blood flow, so nutrients don't reach the skin as quickly. Many also feel a lack of serotonin, which affects mood. And it also affects your skin. Fortunately, you can counteract a lot of this – Corona or not.

1. Exercise

Ideal is moderate endurance sport such as jogging, walking or cycling. Cross-country skiing is also great in winter. This gets your circulation going and reduces stress. The change of scenery when training in the fresh air has the advantage that you get a little more sun. But muscle toning with yoga, Pilates or other indoor workouts is also useful. This allows you to counteract tension caused by long periods of sitting in the home office.

☝️ You can find out more about how sport makes your skin glow and when it's too much of a good thing for you under Get the Glow: Beautiful skin through sport.

2. Eat well

In winter we have more cravings for unhealthy things and little temptations are everywhere. It is all the more important consciously to eat more healthy foods. Fresh vegetables, wholesome carbohydrates and enough protein should make up the bulk of your diet.

🥬 You don't have to fly in blueberries from Chile for the glow. local, seasonal vegetables also provide plenty of vitamins. With the right recipes, even the unloved Brussels sprouts taste insanely delicious!

3. Good night

It's not called beauty sleep for nothing. A good night's sleep is one of the most effective ways to combat dark circles and sallow skin. During this time, so completely free from stress, environmental pollution and make-up, your skin regenerates. How can you make the most of it?

  • Cleanse and care: Before going to bed is the right time for an enzyme peeling and a moisturizing serum that acts overnight.
  • Sleep enough: Eight hours is a guideline, but everyone has their own biorhythm. Listen to your body to find the perfect time to fall asleep and sleep duration.
  • Sleep ritual: If you tend to brood at night, small rituals can help you get mentally ready for sleep. These can be hot cocoa, something to read or relaxation techniques - whatever is good for you.

4. Relieve stress

The dark season increases the pressure on our psyche. And all the more so when there are additional circumstances that unsettle us. Stress and anxiety are not only reflected in worry lines, but also in the complexion - more on this under How does stress affect my skin? It doesn't have to be. You can come to more serenity.

Mindfulness sessions or relaxation techniques can help. If you find it difficult to switch off – there is – try exercising. This also offers a balance to mental pressure. And try to reduce stress. We can't turn off all sources, but some can. Think carefully about how you can avoid triggers. Small things that make things easier in everyday life often make a big difference.

5. Off screen

After a long night of TV, when has anyone ever told you how rested you look? Happens rather seldom. TV, YouTube and whatever else you do on the screen is not really relaxing for the body. You sit quite motionless and often slouched on the couch while your stressed eyes follow the flickering images. The cool light really gets your brain going when it's supposed to be getting tired.

Much active relaxation is better. Choose activities that bring you down.

  • Go for a walk. If nobody accompanies you, podcasts are my hot tip. There are really every interest.
  • Reading takes your mind off things. Completing a book also fills you with a feeling of accomplishment. Who says proudly: "I've binged five series this year?" "I've already finished ten books", sounds better, doesn't it?
  • Celebrate cooking. If you think of it as a chore, it will add stress to you. So turn on the music, chop the vegetables in peace, breathe in the scent, taste – cooking involves all the senses. Enjoy!

6. Skincare

In winter, the skin dries out faster. A balanced fat and moisturizing care lays the basis for a fresh complexion. Under SOS: dry skin in winter you will find detailed information about skin care. But there is more.

Anything that boosts the metabolism helps to turn snow white into rose red. These include peeling, steam baths or a massage. You can easily use these treatments at home. They promote blood circulation in your skin. In this way, nutrients reach the outermost layers of the skin and toxins are better removed. This also reduces dark circles that build up due to accumulated lymph fluid.

🌟 Dry, chapped skin? If you need a little more care, then FIVE Shea Cream ideal. The nourishing balm protects against cold and dry air.

7. Have your iron value checked

It's not just winter that causes pale skin and shadows under the eyes. Such signs can also indicate a nutrient deficiency. Low iron levels mean your skin and other organs don't get enough oxygen. This affects their function. At the same time you feel tired and listless.Since we often feel like this in winter anyway, an iron deficiency is easily overlooked

☝️ If nothing helps, have it checked by a doctor. Do not just take iron supplements on suspicion! An excess of iron can also have unpleasant consequences.

Get the Glow

The winter is still long. But you can breathe new luster into your pale reflection. Moderate exercise, a balanced diet, restful sleep, stress reduction, screen detox and good skin care all help. All these steps are not only good for your skin. You will feel better too. Many of these can be combined, for example cooking to relax or a facial massage as a bedtime ritual. Just try around a bit and find the combination that you can integrate perfectly into your everyday life.

Pale off, shine on!
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