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Big and small dramas. Why we need 8 weeks to produce the Shea Cream.

Many of you finally want to try the Shea Cream and Body Scrub, but the products have been sold out for four weeks. But why is it taking so long for us to finally restock the shelves? I would like to explain that to you here.


Five Shea Cream Sold Out

Sold out within 24 hours

Until the first week of September we didn't know whether our participation in the VOX founding show Die Höhle der Löwen would actually be broadcast. When the news came, of course we didn't have time to really stock up, since a production cycle easily takes eight weeks.

Then, on September 19th, the time had come and you dear ones pretty much ran into my booth: The Shea Cream was sold out in Germany within 24 hours, the Body Scrub a day later. On the one hand, of course, that was incredibly great for me and a confirmation of the amount of work that preceded it all. On the other hand, I'm of course really sorry for everyone who hasn't been able to get hold of any products from us yet.

Hello! Eight weeks until we can deliver again?

Honestly, I don't really want to get it into my head either, but we have to live with it for now. A number of partners are involved in the manufacture of our products and each of them needs a few days or sometimes weeks for the individual work steps.

First the glasses have to be ordered and delivered. It's really stupid if they have to be produced first, then good night... But once the glasses are there, it's time for screen printing. There are usually a few other projects ahead of us in the pipeline, so we dutifully queue up until the machine is free for Five. Three weeks go by easily.

Freshly printed, the glasses now go to the producer. He already knew that an order was coming. Most of the time, however, he is still waiting for a raw material, because there are always delivery problems somewhere, such as with neroli. And no production without neroli, so once again, diligently twiddle your thumbs.

As soon as all the raw materials and glasses are ready, planning for the actual production can begin here as well. Is there another slot on the machines for Five? Or can we squeeze between a large production? Oh, and don't forget the holidays, so the world just stands still for a day or two.

We are now at six to seven weeks. Now the production and filling are finished, the goods are sent to our logistician by freight forwarder. There it is scanned and transferred to the system and then finally, the products are ready for you.

Will we always struggle with delivery problems?

In the future no. In the beginning yes, because everything indicates that we will soon be sold out again. But as soon as we settle down a bit with the quantities and have enough capital to be able to pre-finance larger productions, we will produce more for stock and you will no longer notice the small dramas backstage with us.

When is it now?

If everything goes as planned, we'll be back with the products for you at the end of November, just in time for Christmas. But then please be quick, it's possible that we'll run into a new bottleneck. If you haven't already signed up for the pre-sale email list, I'd do it real quick. Simply go to the Shea Cream or Body Scrub and enter your e-mail address using the button.

I am so grateful to you for your patience and understanding.
Your Anna

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