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FIVE Haaröl Relaunch | Five Skincare

Bändigt deine Haare

Neu! Haaröl für Geschmeidigkeit und Glanz

Shea Cream Back in Stock | Five Skincare

Just in time for the cold season

The Shea Cream is back!

Naturkosmetik Five Skincare

For a better skin balance

Natural cosmetics made from a maximum of 5 ingredients

Max. 5 ingredients

Vegan natural cosmetics

Glass without outer packaging

Icon Geschenk rot

Dein extra Goodie im November

Für jede Bestellung ab 50 € schenken wir dir ein FIVE Gesichtsserum gratis dazu. Einlösen: Fülle deinen Warenkorb mit Produkten im Wert von mindestens 50 €. Lege das Gesichtsserum zusätzlich in den Warenkorb und tippe an der Kasse den Code NOV23 ein.

Gültig bis und mit 30.11.2023. Nicht kombinierbar mit anderen Rabatten. Eine Anwendung pro Person.

Better skin balance due to fewer ingredients

When the skin is out of balance, less helps, not more. With our natural cosmetics we want to help your skin regain its balance. All we need are the most essential ingredients, which we can count on one hand. Pure, clean and 100% vegan. This is Five Skincare.

97% would recommend FIVE

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Great product!

I love the indescribable wellness feeling that cleansing with this great product gives me... the scent is simply amazing, as is the way my skin feels afterwards and I like to spend a few seconds under the hot washcloth... switch off from the day by breathing deeply. This feels so good :) I never want to try anything else!

5 stars from Cornelia

Best Best Best!

I love this serum. I've tried a lot of them but this is definitely the best serum. Absorbs super quickly, has a super pleasant scent and cares for the skin in a very pleasant way. I'll buy it again and again.

5 stars from Anita

Game changer!

The FIVE makeup remover is actually a game-changer! Since I cleansed my skin with the OCM, it is smoother, softer, flaky less and no longer feels tight. It took a few weeks for my skin to get used to the new method, but now it doesn't want anything else. Ultra-fast service at FIVE and great advice!

5 stars from Vanessa

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FIVE Haaröl für dickes und trockenes Haar – Five Skincare

Natural cosmetics from Five Skincare

Since 2017 we have been bringing your skin back into balance and offering natural cosmetics for all skin types, without a lot of fuss. We concentrate on the essentials and use a maximum of 5 ingredients per skin care product.

Our vegan cosmetics are based on natural raw materials, organic quality whenever possible. And because we dogmatically limit ourselves to five ingredients per product, fillers, microplastics, parabens, silicones, etc. logically have no place in it. This is not only better for your skin and our environment, but also ensures that our products are highly concentrated and very effective.

5 reasons for FIVE
Pflegendes Gesichtsöl für trockene Haut | Five Skincare

Natural care for every skin type

No matter whether you have dry, oily, mature, normal or combination skin: With our quiz you can find the right facial care product for you from our range within two minutes. If you have any questions about your skin and our natural cosmetics, we will be happy to provide you with advice as experts.

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